How to virologist 101

Hello again, It’s me, The Doctor.
This is a basic step by step guide on Virology 101.

We will go over:
Virus Stats
Virus Chemicals
Making viruses
Cleansing pandemics
Gamer Virology

There are a few things I should clarify first.

“Save” or “Save States” refer to making a Culture. this makes a 30u bottle of the disease you are working on
Virus food is gotten on the Virus food dispenser. Fill a beaker in it and never fill it again, you shouldn’t use 50u of it
Always set the Dropper to 1u. you only need 1u

  • Virus Stats

Transmission: Changes how fast the virus transmits, and how it does so.
Stage Speed: Changes how fast the virus levels up, strengthening the symptoms
Resistance: Both what it takes to cure it, and how hard it is to beat over
Stealth: If this is 2 or higher, the Disease will not show up on the health scanner HUD

If the Transmission is higher than the host’s Virus resistance then the virus is overwritten.

  • Virology Chemicals

These are the 5 most common chemicals you will use, and all you need to

Virus food (Mutator)
From the dispenser. Gives a low level symptom. Great for stats

Unstable Mutagen (Mutator)
From the fridge. Gives a medium level symptom. Great for certain symptoms and harder to get ones with better stats

Plasma (Mutator)
Grind up the plasma in your office with the grinder. This one gives you the good healing ones

Synaptazine (Isolation)
Removes a random symptom.

Formaldehyde (Neuter)
Makes a random symptom lose it’s effects but keep it’s stats

  • Making viruses

Making a virus has 3 steps:


Mutate your virus first by mixing it with a mutator.
When you get a symptom you want, Create a save state, name it something that makes sense like (Cough 0 or Cough (fix) Something to remind you that it needs to be purified).

Isolate your symptom with Syaptazine.
If it doesn’t work, try try again.
Create a save state of this single symptom when you are done, name it well (I.E name something that’s Cough into Cough (Pure) or Cough X)
Make sure to Neuter the bad symptoms

Build your viruses with the parts you’ve made.
You can have up to 6 symptoms. mixing them is unreliable. just keep mixing them until you get something you like

  • Cleansing pandemics

To make a vaccine use the following steps.

  1. Cure someone
  2. Get the cured blood
  3. Put it in your machine
  4. Take the Vaccine to the chemists
  5. Make 0.1u patches and distribute

  • Gamer Virology

Resistance under 11?
CMO/Viro Dead or not doing anything?
Slam some virus in a beaker
15 doses virus food
30 doses formaldehyde
Should be all neutered, let 'er rip.

I literally cannot write this guide any longer, Virology gives me physical pain.
Use this website to check symptom statlines

See you later, Space Cowboy.
-Dr. Kirie Vonel-Saito


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