Hulk tide, the unwarranted sequel

Byond Account: Twox
Character Name(s) Bellend Delphine
Discord Name: Twox
Round ID: 12398
Griefer Byond account: Unknown 
Griefer Byond name: Dante Massimo
What happened: went to genetics to check if the situation was handled, turns out security didn't come and the geneticist. 

Talk a little and then Dante comes in without notice, takes hulk and smashes a window to leave, I tell him to piss off and he then decides to kill the geneticist for “stealing his ID or sommat” and then crits me, steals my stuff, lingers for a bit and finally kills me. All while the other captain was watching, pretty sure he was praising it.

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I was the geneticist this round, the amount of tiding after the half way point was ridiculous. I hadn’t seen the guy before as far as I know; he just killed me for no reason then killed the cap and stole his id. The captain was in crit for a long time. I’m unsure how he got hulk, I’m guessing as Twox he stole it when he trespassed as I wasn’t handing that out.

yeah this looks like a bad one. thank you for the report, ive handled it!