Hunter Thompson Ban Appeal

Byond Account: Mr.Wongler 
Character Name(s): Hunter Thompson
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Mr.Weezzer#7383
Round ID of Ban: Round 13754 
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):Reason: Round 13754 Reason self antag welder bombed the cult trying to summon in an attempt to stop the ritual only bombed the squad sent to kill the cult no cultist where harmed at all in the bombing since they where on the other side of reinforced glass and walls led to 3 of the centcom squad being killed.
State your appeal: Alright, so the cultists were summoning in the cargo office on Kilo. I was a scientist in xenobio when I heard the "Figments from an eldritch god" announcement happened. I thought I would go help stop it so I grabbed a welder and a tank and went down there. I charged down the hallway and was not paying much attention when I was outside cargo office. I saw the ERT was standing outside but they were not really doing anything. So I ran up and welder bombed. One of the points that the mod makes is that it only harmed the ERT, and that is not true. Not only where they harmed, it also did so to the point that it interrupted them drawling the rune. So the cultists were effected by the bomb too. I did harm the ERT but it did help it delaying them, since at the time I did this was three seconds or so till ignition. I understand getting in trouble for this, but I feel a week long ban is a little too much for this. The round was practically over, the ERT were not making progress, and I managed to delay them.
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I actually saved a screen shot of it heres all the people who died to bleeding out and o2 loss the circle is where you welder bombed only one of them has a halo i wont being doing this appeal since i did the ban but i wanted to show how bad it really was

It was not my intention to kill the ERT, but yea it was a terrible move. Lotta damage to friendly’s and not that much to cultists. But a week long ban for this seems too long.

Appeal is partially accepted. Since it seems like you didn’t intend to do this maliciously, I have reduced it to a 3 day ban from the original ban, which is just over a day as of right now. Though please be more careful when you pull maneuvers like this next time.