I get banned for leaving after getting a note?

i got cqced by chef after i stopped him from killing a lizard atmos tech and got stuff inside my briefcase stolen (which was a “nanotrasen exhibition bag/briefcase” that looks like lawyer bag this might be the reason why it didnt appear in logs)
and i went back and escalated further this is when i ahelped saying chef was attacking people in bar for no reason which was true as i saw him trying to kill a atmos tech for seemingly no reason (i didnt knew there was a reason before admin told me )
i talked about the admin for some time explaining things he told me he cant see my bag getting taken away i told him it wasnt a backpack maybe my english wasnt enough but i failed to explain that
He said he will give me a note about this i said "yeah ok " and i quit how is this leaving when staff member is talking he already told me about the end result and i really dont understand the part about me lying in ahelps

if you are you are going to reject this appeal please explain disconnecting while talking and lying in ahelp parts because i dont understand

You repeatedly started fights with other players after referring to yourself as the “minister of greytide”, so I have a hard time seeing this as anything but grief/ being a dick for the sake of it. You said he attacked you for “no reason” despite the logs clearly showing you started the fight- that’s the part that you got in trouble for lying. Whether or not a bag was stolen (which, for the record, we check by looking for the verb, not the name of the item) is somewhat irrelevant to this. Lying in the ticket about why the fight started would have been enough to earn you this ban, so the rest of the points here are pretty moot.


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