I got banned for saying that the HoS perma brigging me for calling him shit was unjustified

Byond Account:1337gamer420
Character Name(s):Max Power
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): N/A
Round ID of Ban:18579

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal:
Screenshot 2022-01-25 061520

I was calling out the HoS for doing shit thing like random searching me and calling him Shitcurity over the radio. Tried to go to the Cap and get him to do something about the HoS breaking space law but he just ignored me. So the HoS got salty and perma brigged me for causing a “Mutiny”. Where in reality nothing was happening and everything was fine. Pinged admins and they just close the ticket with no response. Ping them again telling them to do their jobs with no response. I knew they were going to figure a way to ban me because I hurt their feelings, so i said see you on the forums I’m filing a staff report.

I would bet money that both the Cap and the HoS we’re mods. This seems like clear mod abuse to me. Could i have been nicer to the HoS. Yes. But does that deserve me getting put in perma for the whole round. NO.

Respectfully, Max Power

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Our staff are all volunteers; you don’t get to tell them they need to “do their job” that they don’t get paid for then threaten them with a staff report when they don’t handle a ticket the way you want them to, and I’m not going to tolerate you continuing to disparage them in your ban appeal. This isn’t appropriate at all, and I don’t expect our mods to put up with it, so I’m bumping this to a permaban. Feel free to appeal your new perma if you ever decide to calm down and be respectful in your post.