I Was Wondering What Organs and Limbs Do but the TG Wiki Doesn't Tell Me Even Though Half the Effects Are Only Useful When You Know the Exact Numbers

Some things to note first

  • Because of this, you do not need to replace every single organ when reviving someone
  • Organic organs heal faster depending on how fed you are, healing the most when you’re fat!
  • Basic Cybernetics are almost always worse than the base organs
  • All Cybernetics are EMP vulnerable. The main EMP side effect for them is Organ Degradation, which leads to Organ Failure once the organ reaches maximum damage.
  • For organs that follow the Basic, Normal, Upgraded formula (The “Normal Formula”), each higher tier is half as EMP vulnerable as the last
  • For organs that follow the normal formula, their health relative to base organs are as follows: 0.75x for Basic, 1.5x for Normal, 2x for Upgraded
  • An EMP has two primary severities, light and heavy. Light EMPs usually halve all numerical effects, and make all probabilistic effects half as likely to occur
  • EMP-ing a human will extend the EMP to every limb and every organ every single time
  • Synthetic Organs will not rot when dead, but they will rot as if you were dead on EMP Organ Degradation. They also do not heal over time
  • The rate at which organs rot and heal is based on maximum health because fuck you
  • Organ Degradation is not the same as Organ Failure. Organ DEGRADATION deals constant damage to the organ as if you were dead, only causing Organ FAILURE once the damage reaches or somehow exceeds your max health
  • Organ Failure stops as soon as the failing organ is healed

Organ Degradation Chances on EMP, for Organs In the Normal Formula:

Basic - 80% Heavy, 40% Light
Standard - 40% Heavy, 20% Light
Advanced - 20% Heavy, 10% Light

Unless stated otherwise, referring to a chance for EMP effects will be referencing this table

I will not be listing any self explanatory organs or implants except to point out additional characteristics that may not be immediately obvious, like EMP effects

Now let’s get into it

Cybernetic Internal Organs


Fun Fact: You can squeeze a heart in your hand to force it to beat again. It will stop beating after 8 seconds if it has no home. Taking just one bite out of the heart will cause it to stop beating
  • All Cybernetic Hearts - Cannot have a heart attack, except when EMPed which forces one
  • Basic Cybernetic Heart - Lower max health, very EMP vulnerable
  • Cybernetic Heart - Injects 10u Epinepherine when entering crit. Once per heart
  • Advanced Cybernetic Heart - Epinepherine injection restores itself after 5 minutes

EMP Act - You will become dizzy while taking 10 oxy damage over time, with a 20 second cooldown. Your heart has a chance to stop beating for 10 seconds and start degrading. If you need to breathe, this is an instant knockout

Organ Failure - Your heart will stop beating. When your heart isn’t beating, you will take 4 Oxygen damage per second and pass out for 8 seconds if you need to breathe. Additionally, you take 1 Brute damage per second, even if you do not need to breathe.


Fun fact: Normal livers rapidly purge toxins below 3u in volume. Please put your anacea cures in 4u or higher increments!

  • Basic Cybernetic Liver - 2u Toxin Purging Threshold, Toxins do 10% MORE damage to the liver
  • Cybernetic Liver - 5u Toxin Purging Threshold, Toxins do 20% LESS damage to the liver
  • Advanced Cybernetic Liver - 10u Toxin Purging Threshold, Toxins do 20% LESS damage to the liver. You also have an ungodly tolerance to alcohol

EMP Act - You will take 10 toxin damage with a cooldown of 10 seconds. Has a chance to start organ degradation

Organ Failure - Over time you will slowly start taking more and more toxin damage per second (0.2 → 0.8). You will become continually more disgusted and drowsy, and all of your other organs will begin taking damage. As you progress through each stage of organ failure, you will vomit, before vomiting blood and losing consciousness. You can inspect someone to see if they are dying of liver failure, which is identifiable by their yellow eyes. Liver failure has 5 stages, with a stage advancing every 60 seconds.


Fun fact: If your heart or lungs are severely damaged, you will breathe one tick faster for each damaged organ! From 4 ticks maximum, down to 2 minimum. This will make you die faster in crit!

  • All Cybernetic Lungs - Immune to lung damage from smoking
  • Basic Cybernetic Lungs - Lower max health, very EMP vulnerable
  • Cybernetic Lungs - Lower minimum oxygen pressure of 13 kPa (Lower your emergency oxy tank’s output!)
  • Advanced Cybernetic Lungs - Can handle colder oxygen (200 K vs 260 K before you start taking any damage, 100 K vs 120 K before you start taking max damage) Can handle twice as much CO2 (20 kPa) and FOURTY times as much plasma! (Also 20 kPa)

EMP Act - You will lose your next 20 breaths, dealing 20 oxygen damage with a cooldown of 30 seconds. Has a chance to start organ degradation

Organ Failure - With failing lungs, you can no longer breathe. Shocking


Fun Fact: Coder comments say that the lowest metabolism_efficiency should go is 0.05. Coders immediately forego this and make bone stomachs have 0.025 metabolism efficiency

  • Basic Cybernetic Stomach - Bafflingly the best organ for reagent transfer. Working 3.5x faster than the advanced cybernetic stomach (When I bugfix this, it’ll be slower than base)
  • Cybernetic Stomach - Disgust goes away faster. Transfers reagents to the bloodstream faster
  • Advanced Cybernetic Stomach - Disgust goes away even faster. Transfers reagents to the bloodstream even faster

EMP Act - Forces you to vomit, but does not stun you, with a cooldown of 10 seconds. Has a chance to start organ degradation

Organ Failure - You become unable to digest anything. If you try, you will throw up repeatedly until you begin starving


There are no basic cybernetic ears.

  • All Cybernetic Ears - Do not actually have more health
  • Cybernetic Ears - Lower damage multiplier (10% Less Ear Damage)
  • Upgraded Cybernetic ears - Even lower damage multiplier (50% Less Ear Damage)

EMP Act - Takes 80 or 40 damage depending on severity. That’s it.

Organ Failure - Deafness. Who knew!


Fun Fact: A moth’s flash sensitivity is derived from their eyes. You can replace them to remove the vulnerability if you’re a fucking freak

  • Cybernetic Eyes - Flash sensitive
  • Flashlight Eyes - You are blind, but hey, you have welder tier flash protection… I guess? Also immune to EMP
  • Night Vision - Flash sensitive, self explanatory
  • High Luminosity Eyes - Normal flash resistance. It glows, too! The code for these eyes takes up half of the eyes.dm file
  • Thermal Eyes - Flash sensitive, self explanatory
  • X-Ray Eyes - Normal flash resistance, self explanatory

EMP Act - (90% heavy, 80% Light) chance to flash you for 2.5 seconds. Bafflingly, basic eyes have a (10% Heavy, 20% Light) to take (20 Heavy, 40 Light) damage


Fun Fact: These are called augments in the code. Why? Fuck you.

Fun Fact: There are a lot of objects that exist that aren’t meant to be created in game. This is because they simply act as a base for other objects to build off of. If you examine these objects somehow, you’ll either get told to report the issue to github, or you’ll be given an outdated meme, like “Your vision is augmented” for the base eye implant!


  • Arm-Mounted Laser - Extends a laser! Specifically a laser gun that self-recharges. Does not have 2 modes like an energy gun, it just murders. Hulks and golems can use this, if you’re that kind of person. (30% Heavy, 15% Light) chance to explode on EMP, igniting you and breaking your precious gun as it begins to fail.
  • Toolset Implant - Contains cyborg tools which are twice as fast! (Faster than CE tools) Emag it for a 20 damage knife that can embed if you somehow throw it
  • Surgery Implant - Contains all the tools you need for surgery, unless you need a bonesetter or blood filter. Significantly faster than advanced tools, but still slower than alien
  • Flash Implant - Contains a flash and flashLIGHT. You can’t actually get this. (Coder Comments: “Why not?”)
  • Combat Cybernetic Implant - Contains a medbeam, special esword, flash implant, and a borg stun baton. You can’t get this normally. If you pray for this, admins know who to blame


  • Nutriment Pump - Keeps you from starving. Gives (5u Heavy, 2.5u Light) bad food on EMP
  • Nutriment Pump PLUS - Like the previous, but keeps you from getting hungry. Gives (10u Heavy, 5u Light) bad food on EMP
  • Reviver - Heals up to 5 Oxygen, 2 Brute, 2 Burn, and 1 Toxin damage every 3 seconds until you are pulled out of hard crit. Has a cooldown based on the amount healed. Cooldown is increased by 20 seconds on EMP, and has a (50% Heavy, 25% Light) chance to give you a heart attack! Cybernetic organs cannot be given a heart attack in this way, but will still be subject to EMPs.


All self explanatory. A medical hud implant gives you a medical hud! These are also safe from EMPs


  • CNS Rebooter Implant - Caps knockdowns, paralyzes, immobilizes, and stuns to 4 seconds. DOESN’T HELP WITH STAMCRIT OR HARDCRIT. On EMP, the implant is disabled for (90 Heavy, 45 Light) seconds

Species-Based and Misc

  • Felinid Ears - Takes twice as much damage (Not technically the same as having half as much health)
  • Moth Eyes - Flash sensitive, duh
  • Fly Eyes - Flash sensitive. Bafflingly it’s a DIFFERENT kind of flash sensitive than moth eyes, or any other eyes
  • Ethereal Heart - Revives you like an ethereal! Surprisingly, you do not need to be an ethereal for this. Shove a crystal to break it instead of bashing it you fucking psychos.
  • Plasmaman Liver - Cosmetic
  • Xeno Liver - 15u Toxin Purging Threshold, 2.5x Toxin Damage received
  • Slime Lungs - Breathing plasma restores blood. You still dont ACTUALLY breathe it, and need oxygen
  • Plasmaman Lungs - Breathes plasma
  • Skeleton Stomach - Awful reagent transfer rate but heals brute and burn with milk. Milk also cures wounds like cryoxadone, and is processed in the stomach
  • Plasmaman Stomach - Better transfer rate than normal stomachs. Heals wounds like the Skeleton Stomach but does not heal burn damage
  • Ethereal Stomach - Holds charge instead of nutrition
  • Silver Lizard Tongue - Actually blue. Lets you become a statue
  • Most Other Tongues - Gives you the speech quirk and say verb of the species that the tongue belongs to. Im not listing them all

Body Parts

Fun Fact: The reason you can sometimes stay standing after 100 damage, is because damage applied to your limbs doesn't entirely count! Only 0.75x of the damage on your limbs is applied to your 'health'
  • Monkey - Less resistant to wounds
  • Xeno - Absurd amount of health, ranging from 2x on limbs to 5x on chest and head. Cannot be dismembered or disabled
  • Cyborg - Can be disabled via damage. 5 Brute reduction, 4 Burn reduction. Must be repaired through welders and wires for brute and burn respectively. Conducts electricity, despite descriptively being in a low-conductivity case.
  • Surplus - 40% as much health as a normal limb, causing it to be disabled or dismembered easier. Still subjects you to EMP effects

Most humanoid limbs are actually just the same limb with another texture, and possess no mechanical differences whatsoever.


this is cool but please decapitalise the words in the title it make brain hurt

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Can you add nutritional info too, please.

There’s not a lot of info so I’ll just put it here

Unless overriden, base organs have 5u nutriment

Stomachs have 5u “Organ Tissue” which is like nutriment but… different, I guess?

Lungs have salbutamol

Livers have iron

Appendixes have bad food

Organs are gross, raw, and contain meat

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I have now used proper title case

Oh yeah, You also need lungs to speak.

i think you can still talk with non functional ones though


Words cannot describe how much I fucking hate organ code. All this shit is just hidden in various different areas. Dont even get me started on the “Breath chain”

The breath chain contains:

  • A separate code block for evaluating the effects of EACH AND EVERY CODED GAS, HARDCODED INTO THE CHAIN
  • TWO (2) separate checks for reagents handled outside reagent code
  • ONE check for organ failure that is missing from the actual organ’s code
  • TWO checks for organ damage and the effects of organ damage handled outside of organ code
  • A completely unique check for handling the breathing of someone in a cryo tube (Even though objects explicitly have something to handle a living being inside of it)