IAA contractor round 13173

Byond Account:DevinXoptoh
Character Name(s): Chip Shafer
Discord Name: Devin#1159
Round ID:13173
Griefer Byond account: Hektok
Griefer Byond name: Majima Tekeo
What happened:


IAA round, Contractor

They also divulged the fact that they are IAA to the HoS, I will comeback with a screenshot if I can dig it up

edit: unfortunately I can not find it due to not saving the chat but to add context:

They were arrested for kidnapping people as a contractor and told the HoS that they were an IAA which was brought up on chat and HoP explained what an IAA was, leading to him losing his role for divulging corporate secrets.

The thing is, that guy is not an IAA, it’s an EAA (they have 3 objectives) and they are allowed to do that. Denied

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