Illya Nines Appeal

    Byond Account: Onadorable, yinnopiano
    Character Name(s): Moffy Moff, Illya Nines
    Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): kosaki#3886
    Round ID of Ban: 16367
    Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

    State your appeal:

Hey folks, hope you’re doing well. I’m appealing a current antagonist role ban that was applied correctly on August 25th. Over a period of time I either suicided or went ssd if I did not get antagonist roundstart. I’m making this appeal in hopes of possibly getting unbanned so I may take part in the full Fulpstation experience again. I understand if this is denied because of my extensive note list and history of being a nuisance towards the staff team .

Sorry and Thank you
~ kosaki


I appreciate your honesty here and I’m willing to give you another shot. Please do not abuse it this time. If you’re caught antag rolling again, you’ll go back to a permaban. It is a good idea to ahelp if you need to leave early on in a round, regardless of role, so that we don’t take it as another attempt to antag roll.


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