Im looking for a ban apeal for my absolute stupidity

  • Byond Account:hyenalords
  • Character Name(Jude Kadel):
  • Discord Name (ie: MAN_RAT):
  • Round ID of Ban:21213
  • Ban Message (Access denied.
    (Hyenalords) is banned from
    playing here. The ban reason is: Rules broken: core 2 - set multiple firebombs off on the
    shuttle because “it was too irresistable” bye. This ban (BanID #31316)
    15 06:08:14 during round ID 21214. This is a permanent ban.):
  • State your appeal: i need to say im very sorry secondly me and my brother use this same account i play pretty rarely but i think he plays almost everyday like some cultist. i will say i did something very wrong it seems i did not know it was this bad since everyone i has asked or told that i was going to do it it was going to be funny and sure go for it so i very very deeeply sorry im going to get an ass beating later but can you change this to a week or a month? ban i dont want my brother to be punnised because of me. thank you for hearing me out
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Sucks for your “brother”, but you should have thought about the consequences before doing it. This is denied. You can appeal in 6 months.