Improper Round Removal

Byond Account: Eraukon
Character Name(s): Eraukon Faust
Discord Name: Eraukon#1337
Round ID: 29927
Date: 12/19/23
Griefer IC name: Richard Conway
Griefer Byond account (if known): Darkhal

What happened: On low pop Richard grabbed ssd chef for traitor objective, when intercepted in engineering he threw a bomb that round removed me, killed the ssd chef and released a plasma fire that killed more of the station. Later in the round he dusted a target which is fine besides the target not being his.
richard dust2


As I am concerned by this I would like to respond
As I was going to initially bomb the chef in his kitchen it turned out a chaplain was working the kitchen for some reason. Luckily the chef being my SSD target I could grab him and decided I’d just dust him instead
Unluckily you were waiting in front of engineering as I was dragging him, so I couldnt do what I wanted to do, until you went into arrest mode.
Having a lethal bomb on me and only you (now a chasing officer) and my target in the vicinity, I threw it when you shot me with a disabler, as I couldn’t afford being arrested with that in my bag. I was planning to bring your head back to medbay as I had no intention to round remove you or anyone aside from my targets
What I did not plan was for plasma being released as it was the spot I had left a canister of and forgot about, which ignited as I was closing the breach as fast as I could
I couldn’t see your head right away and did not have protective equipment to look for too long, so after I finished fixing the fire and temperatures I searched again, everywhere, twice and could not find it
I prayed the gods twice for it to be returned somehow but did not get any luck with that either

All the bodies I dusted with the SM that shift were my direct targets either as Blood Brother or Obsessed.

As for Jorgen, I did not interact with him, so I dont know where he got that from ? I think he got me confused with another traitor engineer (Ismael Woodworth that shift had him as a target)

I am unaware of the plasma fire killing anyone on the station as I went in and fixed it as soon as it happened, it was heavily localized in that spot and poured a little in the maints, but I fixed the temperatures there and there was no breaches elsewhere. I also fixed the atmos in both engineering and medbay to scrub any remaining plasma

In any case, I did not intend to round remove you and killing you with a bomb was fair game in my book as long as I was briging your head to medbay for revival. Despite my efforts I couldn’t make it happen due to unforeseen events.
I am sorry

Using a bomb for one person pursuing you is not okay and is going way overboard for antag rule 1.4

  • 1.4. Do what is needed for your goals. Destroying half the station when you only need to steal research is an example of going extremely overboard.

Since I can’t confirm this through logs, I will be giving you the benefit of the doubt here since you are a regular although I am hesitant because of your recent note from Skibi for greytiding. Consider this a small warning to please be mindful of round removal in the future and if you do it unintentionally and can’t revive, please ahelp so we know you are at least acknowledging it and so we know you tried. Thanks for the report!