Imram Ahmad note appeal one 1

Byond Account: Fluxah
Character Name(s): Imram Ahmad
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Mactate
Round ID of note: 26416

Note Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Admitted on discord to killing security members and hiding their bodies as a shiftstart prisoner. This is self-antag
State your appeal: I recently recieved a note from papersmiles for my gloats on the discord. When I opened the server and saw it I decided to explain the sitation to them as I was lucky enough to have them online where they recommended I submit an appeal to the note here. So here I am using the appropriate channels.
So for the context in the discord I said I was a huge fan of slate the AI after they called me a gremlin for killing and hiding security as a perma.

This is in relation to a humerous round that happened in january or so where I as a prisoner has made bluespace tomatos and threw them at a traitor who job changed to security. To kill me as one of their antag targets. They then decided when alone to attempt to kill me only to get sent to space. The AI of course never knew of their original intentions and noticed that suit sensors showed the officer had died in perma and was asking me where the officer was. Which I had no clue as they had been teleported somewhere out of view.
I think the actions then were reasonable and I believe due to it never being a point of contention at the time it happens it is unfair for it to be put against me now because I decided to gloat about it on the server.
Usually I wouldn’t contest a note but due to the fact that I’ve been working on my behaviour and have recieved no criticism in over 120 hours and my note history has been brought into contention in the past I’d like to rectify it proactively.

Third times the charm