Infiltrator Guide WIP

I’ve written an infiltrator guide for beginners. Its purpose simply is to get infiltrators onto the station safely and explain their starting loadout. The game mode is very difficult for new players who tend to die very early on. Hopefully this guide will increase their survivability and their enjoyment of playing the antag.

I would greatly appreciate any constructive criticism, especially if I’ve missed anything or haven’t explained something with sufficient clarity. I’m hoping to submit this to the Fulp wiki eventually.

Note: I mention figures, these will be added to the wiki version if we get to that. I’ve also not explained the unique infiltrator types such as MI13 because I don’t know their exact details.

Infiltrator 101:

It’s time to pay your debt to the Syndicate. We’re sending you to a state of the art NanoTrasen station and expect that you’ll complete the objectives we have provided. Similar to regular traitors, you have an uplink full of syndicate gadgetery at your disposal. However, since we couldn’t get you on the crew manifest, you will start in space near the station and have to find your own way inside. To balance this, we’ve provided you with extra starting gear. Good luck infiltrator.

Starting for beginners:

    1. Remember to mhelp (found in the top right under the “Mentor” tab) if you’re stuck at any point. If there are mentors online, they’ll be glad to help you.
    1. Turn on the space suit’s thermal regulator by clicking the icon in the top left (fig. 1). Put the jet harness on your back slot whilst keeping your bag in a hand. Activate the jet harness and put it on stabilization mode (fig. 2). Fly away from the station such that you can’t be seen by anyone circling it but you won’t get lost getting back. This is all done to ensure you can safely read and proceed with steps 2-7.
    1. Swap the worn syndicate mask with the breath mask found in your internals box. This is because the syndicate mask is incredibly conspicuous. Remember to turn your internals back on once the swap is complete.
    1. Open your uplink (check your notes, found in the top right under the “IC” tab) and buy any traitor gear you might want from the beginning. Remember to check the discounts section.
    1. Set your agent ID by using it in hand, selecting “Forge” then put your name and a fake job and age. Good inconspicuous jobs include Assistant, Cargo Technician, Janitor and Station Engineer. Avoid using security jobs since you won’t be mindshielded; they can tell at a glance and will arrest you.
    1. Set your chameleon clothes (jumpsuit and shoes) to match the job on your ID. You can do this by clicking the changing person icon in the top left (fig. 3) and navigating to the correct job.
    1. Now you are ready to infiltrate. Fly to a secluded part of the station where you can C-4 through a wall into maints, bear in mind that you have limited jetpack fuel. Plant the C-4 on the wall, set the timer to 10 seconds and wait around a corner to ensure you’re not hit by debris. A large number of people accidently put the C-4 on themselves or their belongings, ensure you don’t do this. Enter the breach and put the space suit/helmet/jet harness in your bag or dump it in a locker if you don’t think you’ll need it later.
    1. Congrats, you now look like a regular crewmember. Make sure to read the important tips just below.


  • As soon as the crew spots an infiltrator, everyone will know via comms. This is why a good disguise is of utmost importance.
  • Security can tell at a glance if the name on your ID doesn’t belong on the crew manifest. As long as you don’t act suspicious, things will normally be fine but be prepared to run at a moment’s notice if someone gets too inquisitive.
  • To disguise as someone on the manifest, you can use their name on the agent ID then wear a face covering mask. Your voice will remain undisguised however unless if the mask is part of the Chameleon kit,
  • Your agent ID can accumulate access from other ID cards. To do this, use your agent ID on another ID card. It starts with maints access.
  • Use :t to talk over syndicate comms. Bear in mind that it’ll be compromised as soon as someone is caught. You also know the codespeak language which allows you to converse with other infiltrators and not be understood by others.
  • Use the space suit to your advantage. Dragging restrained targets into space or escaping fights where you’re outmatched are useful tactics to bear in mind.

Starting item guide:

  • Syndicate space suit and helmet: Remember to switch on the thermal regulator (an icon in the top right, needs pic) or you’ll freeze to death. The suit has limited power so make sure this doesn’t run out by monitoring it in the status tab in the top right. You can recharge the suit in any suit storage unit. Alternatively, you can open/close the suit’s cell storage by alt-clicking it and use it in hand once open to remove its cell, or put a new cell in. They both fit in bags and provide decent damage resistance. However, they stick out like a sore thumb so it’s best not to be spotten wearing one.
  • Jet Harness: A jetpack that fits in your bag. Put it on your back slot while carrying your bag. When you turn it on, you’ll move very fast through space and can use the stabilization feature to prevent drift. It consumes gas pretty quickly but can be refilled at any canister with a process similar to that of filling up an oxygen tank. You can check how much gas is left by examining it.
  • Syndicate Encryption key: Your headset contains a syndicate encryption key that allows you to hear any channel. Also, you can communicate with fellow infiltrators via :t. You can remove this key using a screwdriver on the headset and put it in another headset. Bear in mind that syndicate comms will be compromised as soon as an infiltrator is caught.
  • Agent ID card: Can be changed to look like any ID card. How to use it is explained above in 4. People can tell that it’s an agent ID by having it in their hand so don’t give it to the HoP for example.
  • Chameleon clothes: Can be changed to look like any clothes. How to use it is explained above in 5. If you are EMP’d, the chameleon clothes will cycle between random options.