Insane HoS attacks civilians and suspects for no reason

Byond Account: PolarCerberus
Character Name(s): Tristan Marksson
Discord Name:
Round ID: 29362
Date: 16.11.2023
Griefer IC name: Ivy Leichter
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened: I was playing Warden and noticed that my krav maga gloves were absent in my locker Hos took them and the whole round she was attacking with krav maga gloves, civilians that were just asking simple questions. After I got mad and told her my issues with her she started attacking me chronnicaly. Later she took control of McGriff (the wardens dog) and made him attack me. The whole round she argued for a long time not doing her job and took mine basically. The whole round she called me a bad warden ( which I tottaly am, but that is the whole point of playing unknown classes… to get better) but I had to do her job too because she didnt care for security and decided to be one man army.

HoS was patrolling as security was understaffed. Additionally, as warden, you are supposed to guard brig, not leave it to patrol the station, barring circumstances such as HoS taking over your duties temporarily to allow you to leave brig for medbay or kitchen. Moreover, you attempted to arrest HoS (something you’re not allowed to do without approval from captain or CC) while they were discussing the punishment of a detained chaplain with captain. That said, HoS isn’t just allowed to take krav maga gloves without asking warden to borrow them, as that is considered powergaming. Nor is it fine to sic McGriff on a crew member without a good reason. Thanks for the report!