Inserting the Wrong Lawset

Byond Account: TritonerTron
Character Name(s): Albert Shick
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): none
Round ID of Ban: 25267
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): 

State your appeal: As Captain, I set AI’s laws to drone roundstart, since there were no good lawsets. After advanced AI was researched, I printed a freeform core module and tried inserting it, but it turned out I needed to purge AI’s current laws. The station lacked materials to print that module, so I waited for quite a while to be able to actually change the laws. Crew was getting agitated and people were asking me to hurry. When we finally got enough resources, I printed the needed module and ran to upload, but I slipped on a bluespace banana peel right next to bridge doors, which teleported me into the upload room. Then, something I don’t entirely understand happened, as, if I recall correctly, I still had a module in the same hand I was carrying it in, so, after disabling the turrets, I inserted what I thought was the purge module and then my custom laws module, but, as it turned out, something completely different happened. A borg nearby spoke right after I inserted it, meaning its drone laws had to have been purged, which just confirmed to me that what happened was what I thought has happened. I only realized that something was wrong when one of the borgs killed me. This was a genuine mistake, and not an “accident”. I truly didn’t mean to grief the crew.

This reads like command incompetency to me, which should be a role ban, not a server ban, so I am switching it to a week-long command ban instead. You should be able to log in to the server; however, please note that taking an acting command position or otherwise taking command roles to circumvent the ban will be considered evasion and will result in a server ban.

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