Intern mime self antags on round 16218

Byond Account:tetracor
Character Name(s):Diego Thomas
Discord Name:Diego thomas
Round ID:16218
Griefer IC name: Mute
Griefer Byond account (if known): no idea

What happened: well i got killed by a syndicate commando that i found in maints. i lead it out to the halls where we fought to the death and i lost. then this intern mime named mute comes up to my dead body and takes my bonesaw and proceeds to cut my head off and steal my id which they used to tide around the station. they also had a lawyers id and were hiding an assistants id in a locker near arrivals. they spent the whole shift shoving and attacking people. i will also add that i watched them push in a wall to get into the back of the bar so i know they are smart enough to know better. they were not an antag at the end round screen. i ahelped in round and never heard anything back about it so i assume it wasnt taken care of. no admins were on at the time.
screen shots included.
them cutting my head off.

this is them walking around with my id (and who knows how many others) after they were robusted and someone was able to get my head back from them.
thank you for reading.

dealt with this in round

oh ok thank you.