IRL_santaclaus - Ban Appeal

Byond Username: IRL_santaclaus
Character name: Fat Dick
Discord: eatafrickinpotato#0530
Round ID: 11804
Ban message: You have been banned by Bonbon_Rampage from the server.
Reason: Round 11804 - after speaking to you about your bad clown gameplay, bad IC name and rape jokes, you then went ahead and detonated a fuel tank in front of security, injuring a number of regular crew. None of that’s okay. Take a break, read our rules here. Server Rules | Fulpstation Wiki
This ban is temporary, it will be removed in 3 days. The round ID is 11804.

Appeal: Every single ban reason here is falsified completely or a half truth made up by that round’s abusive sec team. First of all, my clown gameplay was top notch. I slipped people, did minor vandalism and property damage, all before sec first got to me. They had arrested me for breaking a window in the bar trying to steal vodka, but it was no normal arrest. The things I witnessed in brig that day will haunt me for the rest of my life.

First, when I was going through my sentence, they abused my poor cell neighbor, another clown, with their stun batons. So much for calling it a stun baton, because those assholes used it with deadly intent. I could almost hear the clicking of their mouses just watching them beat the shit out of the poor clown, and I could do nothing to stop it.

Then when I was released, I saw shitsec being incompetent. They had temporarily lost control of my clown friend, a moment worthy of a laugh. Because of my mere speech and natural reaction to humor, I was beaten. abused, tazed, all you can think of. Then they threw me out, while I was hurt, with no medical attention. I vowed to the abusive warden that I would show him the fires of hell with my clown power.

So I negotiated with the bartenders who were still angry at me from the window incident the purchase of one bottle of vodka. And, I forgot to mention earlier, I had stolen a rag from them as well. After I got a lighter I went into the main tool room and got a fuel tank. I had dragged the fuel tank in front of sec, and then, boom. Lit the molotov cocktail I made with the rag and the vodka. Stood back five or six tiles, and set my action to throw. Several sec officers left the building just as they saw me throw it, and so my bad timing resulted in them witnessing my bombing attempt.

A hole into space was made, rods and floorboards was spit everywhere. But the motive of the attack was not to kill, but to demoralize sec and distract them. Nobody to my knowledge other than some sec officers were even injured. The attack was a success, and a classic anti security prank that they should have taken a humbling moment. See, my motive for the attack was not just their abusive behavior earlier. They had also gotten all access and began taking riot gear and lethal weapons from the armory. The admins, to my knowledge, did nothing to stop this blatant power abuse.

But then, to the worst part. Sec dragged me in once again and for my non-capital crime that was at most a major case of vandalism and assault, they openly talked about wanting to execute me, as well as wanting to hold a “trial by sec” (as in, a trial where the judge, jury, and executioner, is all given to sec. I also had witnessed them abusing the clown more as well as threatening to “Wrench his nuts off” which is where the accused rape jokes come in. They weren’t jokes.

At this point I was banned for three days for my “rule breaking.” But let’s review that again.

  1. “Poor clown gameplay” is not even a bannable offense. I guess its not doing my job, but I was doing pranks before sec started fucking with me.
  2. “bad IC name” I feel like the name “fat dick” really captures the chaotic nature of being a clown. Having a good or bad IC name, especially for a clown, is a really shitty reason to ban someone.
  3. The “rape joke” was not a joke, sec was threatening to molest the other clown, as I said.
  4. The welder bombing thing was, probably, against the rules. It was an anger fueled retaliation against a poor, abusive sec team, but a rule violation nonetheless. Certainly not worth a three day ban, though. The “injuring non sec crew” part is to my knowledge 100% false.

So, from my point of view, I MAYBE broke one rule, which is self antagging, but even if I did I purposefully killed nobody and did no major damage other than a one tile easy to fix hole in the station floor. I apologize for any actual rule violations, but the majority of the ban reasons are complete falsehoods.

Love, IRL_Santaclaus


yeah pretty much everything in the ban message was true the only one making sexual comment was you, you knew what you were doing your say logs are very indicative of that as for naming go to our mrp standard dock and you will find this little excerpt

naming yourself fat dick and making sexual remarks not very good rp maybe for lrp or nrp

TLDR: denied logs were a funny read