Ironmonger at it again. Surprised? I'm not

Byond Account: Skitnova
Character Name(s): April Green
Discord Name: Bloodbathz
Round ID: 12716
Griefer Byond account: (check one of the similar, other, several, multiple, numerous, and abundant ironmonger grief reports and discord comments. seriously how are they not at least permarolebanned yet?)
Griefer Byond name: Jacquelin Ironmonger

Before diving into what happened: Ironmonger, in case you read this, all joking and salt aside, if this is how you act in real life, please find some serious mental help. legit, no joke, and completely serious. on the other hand, if this is just ur "fun" way of acting as a way to unwind, then please consider a gimmic less toxic to the people youre playing with. i guarantee you will have a more fun spessman experience.

What happened: 

sigh… shitmonger at it again getting a raging hardon trying to validhunt and prevent greentexts instead of acting like an actual HoS. you know, the usual for them.

Arrested and sent me to lavaland at <10 minutes left for being in possession of a box of purple slime cores as fucking MEDICAL PERSONNEL. thats like blowing a borg for having a charged slime extract installed. Ironmonger has zero interest in acting in the capacity of a hos, and is simply looking for an excuse to validhunt. but of course, despite an extensive history of similar complaints of them ruining someones round over their raging power trip (for both antags and nonantags). It should also be noted that they didnt even attempt to confirm whether or not i was given the extracts, they simply asked the RD (how the fuck is he guna know if xenobio gave out extracts unless he was conveniently there at the time?) I would have no problem with the whole situation if i was caught actually doing something, or if i had a history of doing something that shift, which i did not.

Round Synopsis / timeline:
That shift, after finishing the virus about 15 minutes in i went to science to pick up genetic goodies and a box of purple slimes (knowingly and freely given to me by xenobio, and the “reason” hos arrested me, (side note i was under the impression that knowing that traitor objectives can be “steal an extract” falls under metagaming, as i have been bwoinked for that before?)
Upon returning was ambushed in viro by krog, 10 minutes later after reviving i immediately get stung by a ling that turns me into Vela SF, which i spend 5 minutes clearing up with CMO to provide my alibi and reasoning as to why i am now Vela.
it should also be noted that at this point since Vela was Ethereal, i didnt have blood anymore and couldnt actually use the purple extracts (for those that dont know, putting blood in them makes a non-overdose healing chem), so i put them in my bag in case i became my blood filled self again.
at this point (40 minutes in) is when i can finally start setting up for the poly relocation (i was going to move poly somewhere in maints and make him repeat things in codespeak for fun since my target was already dead and poly was my other objective. completely harmless dumb fun) The only thing i could actually be “incriminated” for would be post polynabbing.
First attempt thwarted by CE returning to their office.
After waiting a bit i go for my second attempt, which is ruined by the conga line that made their way to engineering causing a bunch of sec to rush over.
While waiting for it to die down, shuttle is called, so i go for attempt 3.
At this point, despite not having done anything illegal yet, is when im stopped by cuckmonger in the halls for mismatched ID (as the person who has been identified as the ling who is turning other people into them, the literal thing i reported and made sure was known), who immediately begins to ignore everything i say. refuses to ask CMO about my alibi, asks the RD, instead of the xenobiologists, why i have purples (again, as medical staff), gives me everything back and walks away for 2 seconds, then stops, arrests, then sends me to lavaland and of course whos guna stop the hos? the other sec there? fuck no its shitmonger, they know what comes next.
zero RP.
zero effort.
zero investigation.
i can understand LRP interactions between non-command crew sometimes, but if youre going to LRP validhunt, then dont be command, the job that practically is a NON-EXCUSE MUST RP position).
zero actual effort went into “being a hos”. he just completely nullified the fun and effort that went into trying to balance keeping my alibi while trying to complete my objectives. just simply “me mite find taytor. me arrest just cuz. no greentext for yu sili anteg, me best hos. unga bunga”

TL:DR: list:

  • another tally for “please for the love of fuck roleban this person from security or AT THE VERY LEAST HOS”.
    -they have an extensive list of complaints and a long history regarding abuse of power, both in the discord and on “official grief reports”. in fact it looks like they received another complaint for similar bullshit literally the shift before (3 hours ago as of now)
  • even longer list of complaints of just being extremely unfun to play both with and around.
  • even if traitors can get “steal an extract” objective, unless they confess that their objective is to steal an extract, arresting someone for simply having extracts is metagaming which i thought was heavily discouraged
  • the above is a timetable of my entire round. i wasnt even given the opportunity to break space law (other than trespassing which i wasnt caught), just instantly cucked over having something my job would have if the station is working together
  • i have absolutely no problem if you want to play a powerhungry hos, but if youre guna take the role you cant just use it as an excuse to metagame and validhunt with roundstart 1337 hax0r gear.
  • the smallest amount of effort on their part probably would have prevented 60% of complaints directed at them

Thank you for coming to my ted talk. now admins/mods please either help correct this players attitude and negative impact, or remove their capacity to act as a head if they are not going to fulfil the MINIMUM FUCKING REQUIREMENT of acting in a way that shows you are AT THE VERY LEAST doing something that could be argued as an FUCKING BAREBONES ATTEMPT at MRP. 1 word / copypasted responses and refusing to acknowledge what the other person is saying are as LRP as it gets, and should DEFINITELY not be allowed for the department that deals most closely with the antags AND ABSOLUTELY NOT for the head of that department.

TLTLDRDR “me ironbooger. me start wif bist stoof. me best spes man. antegs no stand chence. me saiv stayshon. me bist hos. onli me fun, no yu fun. unga” fuckin roleban this cuck already

TLTLTLDRDRDR just fuckin ban he so we can all move on

It was handled during the round by staff present, I even checked the logs to confirm that.

Please, try to not directly attack other players in grief patrols and just stick to reporting what exactly happened.

" 9). Avoid antagonizing players and staff via the Discord, Forums, or through OOC/deadchat. While expressing frustration about in-round events is acceptable, ganging up on fellow players is not.

  • 9.1 - IC insults are fine within reason, but harassing other players repeatedly throughout the round or using OOC insults IC is not."

Anyway, thanks for the report!