Irradiated mutation pill on shuttle

Byond Account: Axehilt
Character Name(s): Isaac Teslajaw
Discord Name: Axehilt (Isaac Teslajaw)
Round ID: 17500
Griefer IC name: Colin Rathens
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened:
A. During shuttle, Colin Rathens fed me a pill to give me the irradiated mutation (I moved a bit too slow to avoid it), even though he was non-antag.

B. Then while trying to move in a corner as far from people as possible, Gaspar Harthrower (separate player, hulk, non-antag) got radiated by me, and killed me from full health. For him to begin attacking here was fairly reasonable (since when someone does something harmful to you – and I did by irradiating him without meaning to – you should be able to defend yourself). But the fact that he kept attacking til I was dead was definitely overkill.

During a SECOND round (17530) Colin Rathens (botany) murdered Billy Bartrum (intern assistant).

He was antag, but not for Billy:
Someone became obsessed!
Macgr3gor was Colin Rathens the Botanist and survived
Objective #1: Murder Andres Otis, Silas Zimmer’s coworker. Fail.
Objective #2: Take a photo of Silas Zimmer while they’re alive. Fail.
Objective #3: Hug Silas Zimmer 4 times while they’re alive. Fail.
Objective #4: Murder Silas Zimmer, the Scientist. Success!
The Obsessed spent a total of 4 seconds being near Silas Zimmer!
The Obsessed has failed!

This has been dealt with, thank you for reporting it.