Is being lung punched by krav gloves really meant to put you into perma crit?

I ask because this really seems like a bug. Being lung punched by krav gloves can send you into crit from oxyloss. You will then never recover and never die. Your character will breathe but not enough to get you out of crit? I have literally been lying on the ground for 20 minutes in crit from this, not dying just in crit unable to do anything. It’s a state of perma crit that’s literally worse than death.

It just makes you unable to breathe for a certain amount of time, you can breathe afterwards. I’m pretty sure if you’re put to crit you start to suffocate yourself so you wont be able to breathe, you’ll need epinephrine/CPR/some other suffocation healing med

Then I feel like it should kill you. This state of perma crit where you don’t die but never get up is stupid.

It’s not perma crit. If you choke long enough you go unconscious for a bit before waking up, and if you go crit you go down until you die from suffocating in crit or get CPRed.

Laughs in self respiration