Is reactive armor considered contraband?

Just got told by an admin that reactive stealth armor is considered contraband, and wearing it is considered powergaming, but reading through the wiki(rules, space law, high risk items, and research items). No where in there does it mention reactive armor as being part of contraband, or considered the use of this type of armor as powergaming.

All the points under 1 are dealing with the matter if reactive armor is considered contraband.
There is the case that if the person wearing the armor, and is not part of science, then he stole the armor. In witch case then it can be considered contraband.
Or he requested the armor from science, and request was approved then that would the armor not contraband.

There is an obvious case that if the ractive teleport armor was stolen from the RD’s locker, then it would be considered contraband, because it’s was stolen.

The armor is crafted in science, It does not require illegal tech to construct it, or any thing illegal needed to make it.

In the description of reactive armor shell, on the wiki under reseach items. It doesn’t state any where that this is an illegal or prohibited armor. There is a cause that teleprt armor counts as an theft objective. But this is referring to the traitor objective to steal the RDs ractive teleport armor, which makes it so you dont have to steal the RDs armor but instead make it. Which can’t really be considered contraband because its not stolen, and any security officer thats arrest you for wearing not stolen blue space armor as an scientist. Its abusing his/her/its power.

All the points under 2 are dealing with the matter if using reactive armor is considered powergaming.

2.1) If its the fact that the armor reduces damage from the attacker, then all armors fall under the category of powergaming.

2.2) if its the fact that the armor uses powerful anomaly cores, to give the user the following powers that can be found on wiki under research items. That are as follows: Shooting out a beam of lightning when attacked hiting most entities, dealing ok damage. When attacked releasing a powerful wave of gravity pushing every thing that isn’t anchored to the ground away. When attacked teleporting the wearer to a random location close to the original location. When attacked turns the wearer invisible, and creates a decoy that randomly runs around.

If its this then I can see where the admin is coming from, but still this does not fall under powergaming. Powergaming is a broad term, but it’s generally “The aim of maximising progress towards a specific goal”. I guess if your goal is not to die which is everyones goal then yes its powergaming, but again it just loops back around to 2.1(then all armors fall under the category of powergaming.)


If any one wants to debate this then go ahead that’s what the forums where made for. But please use the numbers to help push your point across. Example (Hey I dont like in 1.3, where you said “Its abusing his/her/its power.” Why are you only using 3 genders? there are more then 3 genders!).

Now I must leave you all, for this has taken way too much time to write, now as the curtains close in I leave you all with a simple bow :bowing_man:.

For context : Were you part of Science departement to create the armor and the anomaly?

Otherwise I am curious about the policy of reactive armor.

Great relpy, thanks for your input.

For context: This topic is for debating if reactive armor is considered contraband, I should’ve added another point under 1, that I will add now.

But if your asking about the round I was told by an admin that reactive stealth armor is considered contraband, and wearing it is considered powergaming. I was not just a part of the science departement, I was its director aka the RD, not only that, but I was also a traitor.

This is the armour that spawns in your locker as RD. I don’t understand how it would be powergaming OR contraband since you were the RD. Most of the time RD takes the RD-hardsuit over the reactive teleport armour anyways and they don’t get bwoink’d over it.

If you were anyone else it would 100% be contraband/powergaming.

Did the admin acknowledge that you were RD?

Yes in the admin remark its states: “spoken to once more about acting as security while being the research director. Also warned about using contraband items(reactive stealth armor) as powergaming.”

The first part for the AR is fine, but the other half is what made me start this topic.
Sadly there is not a category for AR appeals, so I started a topic under uncategorised so debate if this armor is considered contraband, and considered powergaming.

If you was a RD then that admin bwoink is outrageous! You got a ban or note? If yes i think you must report that staff member