Issues with a griefing sec officer, Vince Ray

Byond Account: heehawmcgraw

Character Name(s): screw

Discord Name: screw

Round ID: 17810

Griefer Byond account: unsure

Griefer IC name: Vince Ray

What happened: I was arrested by a late arriving sec officer Vince Ray with no words said for legitimately existing at a crime scene. I was trying to help a sec officer being killed by Ryker Addison a laser gun but legitimately accomplished nothing besides eating a few lasers. He tried to hit me a few times as we go to the cell because I said this was a waste of my time as I didn’t do shit. Obviously I was annoyed but whatever, the brig timer wasn’t gonna be long anyways. He was actively talking to me when we got to the cell. My tank ran out of plasma as he was stripping me. I was, of course, gasping during this. I told him I needed him to swap my tank but he just continued stripping me and buckle cuffed me as I and another player outside of the cell window told him repeatedly that I would die if he didn’t. He simply ignored us, left another SSD person on top of my body and set a timer before walking away. I adminwho’d and saw no one on and began writing this.

I continued spectating his play for a while because I was annoyed and the interaction really gave me the impression that he’d do more shit like this. And he definitely did. Within 15 minutes I saw him running down the halls randomly stun batoning people, talking shit for no reason, flash banging crowds for no reason (ruined a conga too, rip. this is when I adminwho’d again and saw Jonnakas was on and ahelped). He even tried to fuck with Aliva’s library by smashing a window to try and steal a bananium sword which obviously didn’t go well. After failing for a third time he set her to arrest and lied to other sec claiming that she both ruined an arrest he was making and that she had tried to murder him. Total bullshit and risks ruining a solid portion of someone’s round just because he didn’t get to fulfill his desires on was a sour lil bitch about it. There were even 2 others spectating him and one complained about him being a shitter in deadchat.

There was other shit too as I tabbed in/out during the rest of the shift but I’ll spare continuing the wall of text and end on the note that at the end of the round he called someone a f*g on shuttle. Have fun dealing with this one :/

Sidenote: I Ahelped in round. Jonnakas responded that he’d look into it but it was a very, very busy round and he was the only admin on at the time I ahelped and almost certainly had worse issues to deal with. I never heard a followup but it’s super understable as that shift seemed entirely like a shitshow.


He already got a punishment for both the sec behavior and the f word during the round and your ticket was resolved.

the patrol has been dealt with! :slight_smile: