Jack Steele helps the crew end their misery, legally

The chemists among you will know about plumbing. It lets you produce infinite amounts of chemicals automatically with machinery. There’s also the extremely easy to produce chemical called Fentanyl which will kill you at low doses slowly and painfully. We all know where this goes.

I began to mass produce Fentanyl and package it into 50u pills (about 10u is enough to kill) and shoved hundreds of these pills into the waiting room of Medical. I announced the new Easy Way Out Patented Solution over the announcements, telling anyone who was tired of Space Life to come and take a few.

They were named “Night Night Pill” (this will be important later), and I found that many people began getting treated for extreme Fentanyl overdose! It was amazing seeing the bodies pile up in medical, the doctors getting more and more aggravated. I remember someone who I believe had over 500u of Fentanyl in their system. I even saw a clown take one and I just laughed as they began to slur their speech and become unable to walk before falling to the floor, waiting to succumb. I did not help them.

Eventually my pills were all over the floors surrounding medical, waiting for someone to pick it up and be in for the ride of their life as they waited in stasis for 20 minutes to have their stomach pumped. No one even seemed to notice the mass amounts of them being pumped out by my amazing machinery, as no one ever asked me about it or tried to stop it’s production at all.

An admin did not find this funny and PMed me about my mischief, but I knew the rules. Floor pills are completely fine as long as they are not mislabeled, for example if you make deadly poison and name the pill as a medicine that is griefing. I had, as stated before, named them “Night Night Pill”, which wasn’t mislabeled based on what the rules said. This made them perfectly fine as anyone stupid enough to take random pills has griefed themselves. I got off scot free.

Note that some parts of this story might be slightly off because this happened over a year ago I think. Still funny as hell though.
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