Jacq ironmonger cremates traitor who hasn't comitted any capital crimes

Byond Account: madsenanders
Character Name(s): Big Boy Boris
Discord Name: kk
Round ID: 12717 (I think, if it's not this one then its 12716)
Griefer Byond account: don't know
Griefer Byond name: Jacqueline Ironmonger.
What happened: 

AI reports that Krog is killing the virologist April Green in virology. I believe this was around the 30 minute mark 5 sec officers including myself and Jacq Ironmonger come. We arrive to see April Green in crit, possibly hard crit cannot recall, and Krog dragging her. I stun baton Krog while Jacq and another sec officer harm baton him to death.

Jacq drags Krog to chapel and asks captain for permission to cremate a ling who killed someone. I tell her we have no evidence that he is a ling and that April Green didn’t die so we cannot execute him, since attempted murder is not a capital crime. She continues to lie on radio to captain, gets permission to cremate him under false pretenses and does so. Krog wasn’t a ling as end of round report shows


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Ironmonger has a history of doing shit like this. She needs a security ban or something.

If Krog showed evidence of being an enemy of the corporation, this is pretty justified. Space law states hostile enemy of the corp as an enemy of the corp that is TRYING to commit a capital crime (murder in Krog’s case).

The fact that Jacq baselessly calls them a ling and tries to cremate them is where he is in the wrong. If Krog showed his sleeping carp, it’d be fine but the baseless claim of ling shows that Jacq was just looking for an excuse to kill them.

That is my piece.

i made a grief report for the same shit same shift. just a metagaming powergaming validhunting shitter thats just generally unfun to play both with and against

We got Krog into a stunlock before he could do anything, so we didn’t have evidence of him being a enemy of the corp, he wasn’t searched either, just cremated. Of course given that he was trying to kill someone you can reasonably assume he is an enemy of the corp and search him completely and check his PDA for evidence. It’s just that killing him on the spot and then dragging him to chapel without evidence of him being a ling + lying to the captain is extremely powergamey

After checking through logs, it appears to be handled by staff during the round - thanks for reporting tho :)