Jacqueline Ironmonger-Worst Sec Experience Everyround

Byond Account:Hfouad.merim

Character Name(s):Geico Armstrong

Discord Name: SamLee#9331

Round ID:11973

Griefer Byond account: Dont know how to get.

Griefer Byond name:Jacqueline Ironmonger

What happened:
Spawn in as traitor buy some shit discreetly and just walk to vault to get multitool buffer like I normally do on most rounds as engineer, Jacqueline Ironmonger sees me there I explain I am asking ai to open so I can get multitool buffer, she then drags me off puts me in chair in courtroom flashes me and handcuffs me to search my shit on blue alert after I did nothing wrong and proceeds to call me bad, I did no law breaking and told her what I was doing, she then dragged me into sec threw me into a table and had me harmbatoned to death when I never did anything wrong the whole round I didn’t run when she talked to me or hurt anyone or do anything all round. This isn’t the first time I have had bad experiences with her in the past, it feels like everytime I play a round with her and have an interaction it is about as negative as it gets.

TLDR-Has absolutely no probable cause and proceeds to flash and arrest me when Im antag, obviously valid hunting and proceeds to have me executed.

just walk to vault to get multitool buffer like I normally do on most rounds as engineer

You still need QM/Cap to approve of an ore silo sync, AI’s cannot grant permission to enter an area, so it is perfectly valid to consider that trespass (into a heavily restricted area, too)

search my shit on blue alert after I did nothing wrong

Attention! Security level elevated to blue:
The station has received reliable information about possible hostile activity on the station. Security staff may have weapons visible, random searches are permitted.

obviously valid hunting

Valid Hunting: Searching for / preparing for / dealing with antagonists and criminals without a need or duty to do so. This includes having the intention of eliminating them as a threat to the station.

Validhunting is dealing with antags when it’s not your job. Security’s job is to deal with antagonists, so they don’t fit this definition.

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I didnt execute you, or want to execute you, captain chip shafer did and ordered to do so, stole your loot and went off.

Everything else already explained, dont do suspicious shit and you wouldnt even be searched, or atleast when you do suspicious stuff atleast hide your traitor shit… you had emag, north star, martial art scroll out in the open

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Given the items purchased and trying to enter high security area without authorisation, the resulted situation was a natural consequence.

Security can perform random bag checks on blue alert.

Consider buying traitor items when they are actually needed. If you you may run into risk of doing suspicious stuff that may get interest of security, you should just stash away your contraband.

AI may open doors for you, but AI holds no authority over Vault - it falls under the chain of QM - HoP - Captain.