Jadon Chauvin janitor constantly hulking and greytiding

Byond Account: saluthello

Character Name(s): Jacqueline Ironmonger

Discord Name: Ironmonger#3399

Round ID: 11750

Griefer Byond account: doint know

Griefer Byond name: Jadon Chauvin

What happened: Has broken into genetics to hulk themselves, first encounter he was trying to fight me with his hulk in there.
He stole a security baton from someone, then hid it deep inside a maint shaft ( i checked and confirmed the prints myself).
He assaulted me with hulk when i was transporting an IAA mime, then hid and uncuffed him inside the janitor room with his hulk powers and let him escape.
All that whilst not being an antag himself, and saying OOC stuff like im validhunting to me, he then slimed himself and constantly tried to kill me with it

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This has been taken care of.