Jadon Chauvin setting me and two other people on fire then throwing me and one of them into the trash

Byond Account: Mazen421

Character Name(s): Maz Ah

Discord Name: Ayaya!#2333

Round ID:11849

Griefer Byond account: ?

Griefer Character name: Jadon Chauvin

the time was about 15-20 minutes before the end of the round but i am not very sure.
I was in the holodeck with Chiemi (SSD) and Adrian Taylor when a rod came in breaking through the wall and killing Chiemi, I pick her up and start picking her stuff up to take her to medical when Jadon Chauvin (the person I am making the report about) walks in and says three things “the fuck” “cat girl shit” “ew” and uses a flame thrower and lights us on fire, Chiemi Adrian Taylor and me, I run into the control room for the holodeck waiting for the plasma goes away, i then try to make it through the holodeck and the high pressure and the heat gets me damaged enough that by the time i went out i fell into crit.
Jadon Chauvin then comes back and says “Haha” “Nice” and drags me and puts me in a trash disposal then Chiemi and engages the handle sending us both through the trash pipes, i ended up in the area where the trash gets shot into space for the rest of the shift (after doing a stupid move of going off the conveyor belt then back into it) until at the very end a mime saved me but the round ended after.

You cannot sigh while in critical condition!


That was “#sigh” not “*sigh” I “whispered” the word “sigh” because well I couldn’t sigh and I was just disappointed and angry to not sigh so I said sigh
I hope that was clear

Memes aside, he did try light our plasma bar on fire a bunch and didnt leave us alone until we drilled his organs out

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I am really hoping the moderators deal with him, because that is obviously grief, not antag, not self defense and no IC reason

I dealt with this issue in round, it has been handled.

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Thank you and sorry for taking your time, I didn’t get a reply and the ticket was open by the end of the round so I thought I take it here

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Sorry bout not replying and keeping the ticket open, I’m big dumb sometimes.

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