Jakcs mentor app :)

Byond Account: moomcheese

Character Name: jack, Wormium III, soup, bonnie

Discord Name: joji#3485

Age: 21

Timezone: EST

Active hours: whenever i feel like playin :)

Are you interested in becoming a mod?: nope

How long have you played on Fulpstation?: 1147hrs in total since i joined in…october? I think?

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?

Sec: Honestly my least favorite department but I do know how it works. I know space law, and I know how to follow procedures (no i dont harmbaton!!! Shocking i know!!). As a warden, I make sure to check on prisoners and give them extra things if needed.

Medical: I used to main MD so I’ve done pretty much every surgery that’s most commonly used. I know what surgeries to use on patients and what chems to use. As a chemist I make sure medbay has all the basic chemicals needed to keep the department going for the entire shift (dont ask me about plumbing though cause i dont know how to do it i just do everything manually).

Engineering: Engineering is my favorite department and the one I play the most. I know how to set up the supermatter (only basic setups tho im not crazy enough), solars and turbine. I can mostly try to save the SM from a delam, know how to repair breaches and fix atmos. I also like to make funny gas in atmos :]

Science: i know how to do most things except toxins and nanites. Not really a fan of science but i know the basics.

Service: SECOND FAVORITE DEPARTMENT. You will often see me as a pastry chef because I think the food sprites look cute. I will always make sure there is food on the counter. I also always make sure the kitchen has plenty of vegetables and fruit as a botanist.

Command: Don’t really play command much but I know how to lead the department and make sure things are in order (at least i think i do )

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?: Big server with a lot of new players. I feel bad whenever i see new people not know whats going on so i want to try my best to help them.


+1 why isn’t jack a mentor already
I learned Atmos from jack :]

I hate this guy +1

Wormium was like a father to me +1

its JACK? aw fuck that dude +1 :slight_smile:

jack is a short bitch and i want to rip his tiny head off whenever he shoves me down roundstart.
+1 love you

why does this man exist and how is he so short +1

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+1 hire this man

every shift with jack is a good shift +1 :]

I’ve reported Jack to the authorities +1

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What kind of name is Jack? +1

This man will educated you by force if nessesary. +1

i redtext because i help him +1



Gave John a mental breakdown while we were playing mindnight +1


Enginier +1

Yes +1

Same, +1

Hate him with my soul, +1

good guy +1