James Allen is very not fun to play with

Byond Account: AsherAshenclaw
Character Name(s): Asher Ashenclaw
Discord Name: Asher#2864
Round ID: 20602
Date: 6/6/22
Griefer IC name: James Allen
Griefer Byond account (if known): unknown

What happened:

90% sure he stripped me of my shotgun and bando while i was SSD and shoved me into disposals. woke up in maints and went back and confronted him about it. he lied and when i in-character threatened him (had very little intention to back it up, just an RP thing), he ran off and then came back later and set me on fire. he then proceeded to trip me on glass shards (because i dont get to wear shoes) and attack me. in the shuttle he proceeded to try and lethal me with a crowbar and a shotgun while i tried to disable him with an energy gun i found lying around. I only switched to lethals once i was sure he was out to kill me. proceeded to whine about how i was “escalating” and was all around a horrid bartender to work with.

the player Rod N. Sawsedge witnessed most of this, as the round was bugged and i could see his ghost orbiting me.

This title is entirely inappropriate. If you want this looked into, please change it to something that isn’t an outright attack on another player.

sorry i get a little hotheaded sometimes

title has been changed.

Okay, so to clarify what happened:

You joined as the bartender and took the shotgun. There is only 1 shotgun that spawns and it does not spawn on your person and does not belong to you specifically. James Allen late joined as a bartender, saw you were SSD, and took the gun. He did not take your ID and while shoving you in disposals was not in line with the our SSD policy, trying to argue that he shouldn’t be allowed to take a unique item off an SSD person (who may have been SSD all round for all he knew) is not in line with the spirit of the rules at all. It’s a downright asinine interpretation of them. Side note, but it is not your bar. He was also a bartender. It was within his right to take it, and he had no obligation to give it back. You were the one who started getting physical by throwing glasses at him, and he followed proper escalation by shooting you with beanbags.


You then went on and berated and antagonized him the rest of the round because you didn’t have your shotgun which wasn’t really yours to begin with. You also ock kicked about ahelping, which, if you didn’t know, most mods (including me) will instantly deny your ticket if you do this.

Reading through these logs, can you tell me what benefit you being in the community has? I certainly don’t see it.

Anyway, another super interesting part of all of this was something entirely unrelated where you encouraged another player to randomly crit a player that was causing issues at the bar. Randomly attacking other players is against server rules; encouraging another player to break server rules is ban baiting.

Anyway, the multiple rule breaks paired with your original title makes me think you need to take a little break from the game, so I’m giving you one. Come back in 3 days if your attitude has improved.

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