Jesse Pinkman and Chad Keith

Byond Account: Blaberface
Character Name(s): Dimitri Ruvic
Discord Name: Blaberface#1069
Round ID: 14233
Griefer Byond account: N/A
Griefer Byond name: Jesse Pinkman, Chad Keith
What happened:

Both were engineers and during the round, for seemingly no reason both of them tried to sabotage the SM into a tesla. They opened the door and shut off both the vents and scrubbers in the air alarm. Leading to the delam occurring, while I was fixing it. They constantly tried to turn the emitters back on and after I put one into crit, the other then tried to flood the SM with CO2. I put chad in crit while he was fighting me to turn on the emitters (While it was delamming). Jesse then takes chad out of engineering, presumably to medbay. Then jesse runs back and tries to fill the SM with CO2 and I put him into crit as well. While the SM was finally recovering, chad runs back in and again tries to turn on the emitters. They were both finally apprehended by sec but both of them clearly knew what they were trying to do by introducing CO2 and trying to max out the emmitters.

For the member of staff looking at this, the case with Jesse Pinkman was handled in-round. Unsure about Chad Keith.

Taken care of!