Jim Kain's Mentor Application

Byond Account: Jim_Kain27
Character Name(s): Jim Kain, Fat XL, Raskolnikov
Discord name: joe_kane
Age: 18
Timezone: MST
Active Hours: varies
Are you interested in becoming a mod: Not opposed to it! But realistically I probably won’t.

How long have you played: Fulpstation has been my server of choice since I began playing in late 2020. I have played 1359 hours (and counting!) with 175 of those being ghost hours.

What departments can you mentor for?: I have an accumulated knowledge of the mechanics of this game. I know the basics and beyond for almost every department aside from atmospherics. I don’t really specialize in any specific department, but I have enough experience to understand how the game works and answer questions of varying complexity. Obviously the brunt of my hours are in assistant, so i’ve become incredibly adept at assisting people. I’ve learned a lot of stupid and niche mechanics through mainign assistant that I would love to share with my fellow spacemericans. I’m also knowledgeable in the service department and I make a mean beef stroganoff.

Things you’ve noticed as a player: Often when I play there are no mentors on (I may just play at weird times) and I would like to change that. I really enjoy answering questions and teaching new players about things, and the times it happens are always the highlights of my rounds.


incessant powergamer, malicious grefier, and overall menace to the community.


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I guess it can’t be THAT bad

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