JimJoe Ban Appeal

Byond Account: JimJoe
Character Name(s): Maybe James Porter, i don't remember.
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): pAv#4132
Round ID of Ban: 20006

Ban Message:
Screenshot (367)

State your appeal: I was playing a warden, it was between mid to late shift. I got a little bored, so I went exploring maint, with a shotgun. Found a vampire, killed it, then got bwoinked. I started complaining to the admin that I did my job as security and did nothing wrong. So I got perma banned.
After giving it a little break, and playing other servers. I realized that I made a mistake. The mistake is that, I’m always toxic with admins. I always felt like I’m right, and they’re wrong. But after reading the rules and giving myself half a year to think. I realized, I was just egoistic. We humans have the habit of putting ourselves in the centre of the universe.

In short, I apologize for causing trouble to the admins and the players. We all deserve a better world without frustration. I don’t play much anymore, I just want to go back on Fulp once in a while on weekends and just chill around with you guys.

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Yeah, and it looks like you went and did the same thing there, too.


This is denied.

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