Jimmyhandrix's ban appeal

Byond Account: Jimmyhandrix
Character Name(s): Gary Plants 
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): 
Round ID of Ban:12560
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Core 2  -grief as a non-antag hulk. Smashed your way into security.  Being a geneticist is not a license to grief. 

State your appeal: So this is only a week ban so I may be wasting my time here, but I thought I would try anyway. First, it was not my intention to grief or to inconvience security at all. My only intention in “smashing” security was to free the mime. I’ll go over what happened.

I had heard the mime was jailed and since he seemed nice based off my limited interaction with him, I decided to free him. After researching thermal vision and hulk, I went through security maintenance and waited outside of the detectives office, but people were in there. After waiting like 2 minutes I smashed my way into that big security room where the tables and stuff are, right in front of detectives office, but I started getting flashed/chased so I ran back. I then tried breaking my way through the court room, into maintenance, and into the evidence room, and then through interrogation but I realized that was an equally long path to perma and so after getting healed I went back the original way. The Warden/HoS was there and he shot me with a laser but eventually he backed off so I took my chance, smashed my way into the equipment room, smashed through a locker, smashed through a window, and then smashed my way into perma and smashed 2 portable flashers. When I saw the mime there I smashed open his door and escorted the mime out of the brig. There was a brief scuffle with a deputy but the mime was freed. Security began chasing me after I tried assisting another perma prisoner and eventually I was caught and sent to labor camp.

First, I am sorry to cause the headache. I am not saying I don’t deserve the ban, but I am confused based on what I read in the rules. I got banned for griefing, and when I look at the definitions and examples of griefing provided in the rules, I struggle to see how what I did constitute griefing as what is provided in the rules. Here are the examples of griefing provided in the rules.

" Dismantling important machinery like Cryo Tubes or disabling the gravity generator.
Trapping other players in lockers/rooms while stealing their ID and other unique items.
Removing other players limbs, drugging, or poisoning them needlessly, or removal of unique items like heirlooms.
Venting the station to space or blocking off areas of the station.
Pushing players out of the airlocks on the shuttle"

I don’t think anything I did appraoched that level, as I didnt remove anyone from the round or needlessly “trap” them or otherwise antagonize them. The only time I engaged in harm intent was when I was running away from a borg and a deputy who were chasing me, but it seems I got in trouble for smashing security. I’m just having trouble understanding how breaking into perma is on the same level as those offenses.

The only security equipment I smashed were doors and 2 portable flashers. I don’t think either of these things are super essential or “round ruining” for security. The doors especially are fairly easy to fix and replace. If an engineer was called they could repair most of the doors in under ten minutes by estimate. I think in total I smashed about 6 doors and one window, but I’m not super positive of that number.

Regardless, in the future I will avoid taking such aggressive action without first consulting an admin. I should not have taken such a destructive approach towards security. Even though I have an extensive note history, I don’t think my actions have rarely been malicious except when I was antag and got warned for killing non-targets. As a geneticist I help new players learn how to do genetics and take my time to distribute the powers to others for the good of the station. I ask that this week ban be lifted or reduced, and I will be sure not to run afoul of security using hulk again unless I get permission from an admin. Thank you for taking the time to read and consider my appeal.

Gary Plants

“Grief” is basically just a vague word to refer to making someone’s round largely worse, generally something that cannot be fixed in less than 10 minutes, but it depends on the situation. It seems that what you were specifically doing was self-antag. If there is an issue with security, you are expected to ahelp that instead of taking the issue into your own hands. Especially as a hulk, as hulktiding is very discouraged. The ban was placed properly so it won’t be reduced or lifted. Please refrain from self-antag in the future.