Job ban appeal by Skorpionmkdragon

Byond Account: Skorpionmkdragon
Character Name(s): Alfio Scazzi
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): skorpionmkdragon#4767
Round ID of Ban: 13840
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Imgur: The magic of the Internet
State your appeal: So i was in a greenshift round. I was hop and nobody was at line. So talking with the other heads we decided to make a rage cage. So i was getting materials for it and was away from my office. I went back to my office and cap was doing access for people in line. He asked me to do it, and i repleid to him i did not want to work. He said he didn’t want to do it too and told me to do what i wanted. Then ian got out from my office, sec brought it back and i killed him, so sec arrested me.In the meantime people accused me i gave AA to an assistant, so i said that it could not be possible due to the fact i did not work during the shift. While i was in brig i recieved an admin pm asking me why i was not working, and i said that i was helping into making the rage cage and in that moment i was arrested for killing ian so i could not be working. So i got released and i wrote another message to the admin telling him that at round start nobody was in line, he did not answer at any of the 2 messages. i went to my line, nobody was there, then someone came and i exploded and got job ban.

If i ever get killed and i ask admins for help my requests get turned down for IC issues without even having an answer, the round before that i was killed and nobody in medbay cared to resuscitate me for 20 minutes. But if i kill a person as a ling to absorb them or i make a bad virus as traitor virologist it’s my fault and i got a warn and a temporary ban for that.
I assisted to nuke ops where the captain was fighting in the frontline with the disk and lost it, and i was insulted by everybody because as hop i did not gave AA acess to an assistant when it was still possible and the loss was my fault. As an hop it’s ok to be insulted for not giving a determined access to a person, or because i was supervising a qm and some janitors because “hop’s job is minding the line”, and if for once i do not do that with cap’s approval i am being wrong?

We’re a “do your job” server. It’s literally core rule 1, and command are held to a higher standard of competency. This ban was applied correctly, so I’m not accepting this appeal. If you want to build a rage cage, then play engineer, not HoP.