Joe the det powergaming and power tripping

Byond Account: Blaberface
Character Name(s): (Observer)
Discord Name: Blaberface#1069
Round ID: 14570
Griefer Byond account: N/A
Griefer Byond name: Joe Logue
What happened: 

When a nightmare was spawned in, he robusted it; as the nightmare was hostile. However, ignored the higher command when they asked for the nightmare’s body. Instead brought the nightmare’s body to medbay. Had all the organs and arm blade of the nightmare transplanted into himself and proceeded to act as a sec officer. Executed a blood sucker’s vassal without permission from anyone; and attempted to 1v1 a vamp (He lost).

Joe Shmoe

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To be fair, I was the vassal, and I outright told him I was the vamp in order to protect my master. I think that’s a semi-valid reason for execution without confirmation by chain of command. Same as someone claiming to be a ling.

I was the vampire. He didn’t call for any backup and went in by himself.

Taken care of- thanks!