John Willard - Moderator application

Byond username: johnwillard
Discord name: John Willard#6211
Join date: 2019-11-17 01:25:53
Hours you’ve been on the server: over 5700
When are you online or available to get on: Whenever I can.
How long have you been a mentor: March 5, 2021
Do you have prior experience being a moderator: I sadly do on Tegu. I’ve also been a moderator on Town of Salem related servers/subreddits before finding SS13.
What is something you feel you do well: Read up on answers to deal with a certain situation (like code), or refer to specific rules/rulings when dealing with someone. I feel like I know the rules well enough from memory that I can properly enforce it without the need to constantly refresh myself on it, and I know how to adapt to new rulings made quickly.
What is something you wish to change: I want to see less “no-admin” rounds, where no one is online to deal with tickets. I also wish to change the number of Admins, as well as the codebase (which doesn’t require being a Moderator, but it’s something I still wish to keep changing).

I promised I’d send this if I ever made a mod app and I can’t go back on my word, please forgive me;





there is absolutely no reason that this should not be accepted +1

-1000 this guy just wants to ban silicons plsis dnto acept him!!

+1 willard

Beat me up behind the Dennys +1

He is literally always online please help him he needs help

its John “fulp” Willard. need i say more? +1000

John was a good mod on tegu and was the only one I saw actually handling tickets lol

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Blocked me the day i met him on discord +1

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also blocked me +1

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Hates felinidz +10

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:face_with_raised_eyebrow: +1

Yeah you’ll see less “no-admin” rounds because you’re on all the fucking time you psychopath.
+1 because John Willard
also because he said he was outside my window
and works on bloodsuckers

Blocked me

You’ve been so helpful, to me and also via answering mentorhelps, but most importantly even when ‘nobody’ is watching you’re willing to help new people in game, and you’ve certainly got the breadth of knowledge and experience to help, to say the least. It’s also been a pleasure to talk with you, I hope this works out. +1


Unblock me shitr

who the fuck is muffin

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