John Willard, Teleprod Sec

Byond Account:BellyMaster
Character Name(s):Girth Brooks
Discord Name:gland#5398
Round ID:12719
Griefer Byond account:
Griefer Byond name:John Willard
What happened:I was a geneticist, having mind reader, plus numerous other beneficial mutation, went to offer my services to security. The AI allows me in to brig, at which point I begin to look through the cells, reading minds. John Willard teleprods me (which is bad enough, as it has the ability to space) then proceeds to imprison me with no warning, nor a question as to my reason to be in the brig. Afterwards, I am imprisoned further for reading minds while in the brig, on the grounds of (mental assault) for a further 10 minute sentence. Afterwards, I send John Willard a message using telepathy, afterwards he teleprods me twice, before imprisoning me for a further 10 minutes.

if this is about the current round ahelp :slight_smile: im not at all any member of staff but ya know

this dude literally lethaled a sec officer and broke cell walls that shift, lmao

I’m a member of the Science department, my job is to ruin the rounds of all Security and Antagonists alike by Killing All Antagonists by mindreading everyone all by myself like a big boy!

Also, this was done during the round, while there were staff online.

Also, I didnt think I’d have to say this, but teleprod doesnt teleport you very far. We were nowhere near space. The only time my teleprod almost spaced someone, was myself, when I batoned myself twice near the edge of the station. I never batoned anyone but myself while near space.


If you want to be a security guard, be one. Brig doesn’t need a geneticist fucking with all the prisoners. He was in the right to kick you out. Using a teleprod is a bit dumb of him, but he’s in the right.

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Last I remembered its an MRP server…typically you try and talk before pulling lethals out. Just my opinion though…besides that. Why is sec building teleport prods? They have an entire arsenal of items approved for use by Nanotrasen, do they need to be fashioning their own?

I didn’t make it, it was given to me. And none of my tools were lethal. MRP doesnt mean ‘state enforced RP’, it means do your job. I did my job in arresting you, you were not doing yours by validhunting as a geneticist.

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It was not valid hunting, I intended to offer powers to the HoS, and just because someone gives you a max cap its your job to use it? And spacing is very much lethal, and randomized teleportation can very much space people.

I don’t care about offering it to the HoS. You were using it yourself to catch antags, ruining the point of stealth, like if I was a ling disguised as an officer. I wouldn’t arrest an officer doing it, because they’re an officer, as shitty as it is. You’re not an officer, you’re a Geneticist. If a maxcap was given to a Geneticist, it isnt the Geneticist’s job to use it.

Then why is the mutation in the game? If it was not designed to “mind read” why would it be in the code. You did not attempt to talk, you instantly bloodlusted, had I been spaced you would not have bothered to think twice. Thats the difference. I was, as you say “doing my job” by offering tools that I had created to people that could use it, if they were competent, while you were using tools that very well could have killed people, while you had proper tools, or better yet, words. But I guess thats too much to expect.

I ask myself that every day. Along with hulk.

Maybe for security. You’re not Security.

Arresting you without hurting you at all is not “bloodlusting”.

It’s almost like you’re just straight up refusing to read my responses. Why should I bother responding if you won’t read through what I’m saying. *sigh

You were using them yourself. That’s not offering. I said this before, but again, you don’t appear to be reading my response anyways. *sigh x2

(sigh) Ok, well I can see the “they game me teleprod better use it” “Well it didnt space you. that makes it ok!” “You see if you dont actually kill the person its ok!”
None of those are good arguements, thats like drunk driving and not hurting anyone, and saying its ok. Aswell, you are avoiding the whole, you could have talked first, teleprodded second. But instead you, on your own action, chose to immediately resort to violence. Any other part of the station short of the bridge, this is unacceptable behavior. And brig is no exception, I was not breaking and entering in to any location, you could have asked for a bag check, you could have asked what I was doing, you chose to Teleprod (which alone is a bonehead idea).

And in reference to hulk, it is not bad when used for its intended purpose, which is to allow people to weaponize themselves, at thier own harm, when threats are severe enough to warrant significant collateral damage to stop them, such as a cult scenario. Just from that statement, it is obvious that if its something that you cant wrap your head around being used in some form of RP context, you refuse to believe that it should exist, as is self evident from your excuse to teleprod people “i was given this weapon to use, therefore use of it is right.” Such an arguement is sad and rather foolish, you should have reported the person making those items, and then disposed of yours in a way that would prevent anyone else from being harmed by it, not pocketed it and say “hmm, useful teleport stick, wouldnt it be fun to teleport criminals around with.” Hint, if NT wanted you to teleport criminals around, you would come stock with a teleprod. They didnt, because it is foolish to use unstable teleportation technologies in situations where human lives are at risk.

Furthermore, your inability to understand that, beyond anything action wise that you did, your complete lack of attempting to RP the situation, the failure to assess the situation, to ask a question, and your immediate accussal of “validhunting” shows you both lack the ability to process empathy, you think that mind reader says some big “this person is an antagonist!” button, no its a 4 line response that tells you around 6 words they recently said, aswell as the intent they have been on most.

The fact that you dont know this, or why things like hulk exist, further cement, in this conversation alone, your inability to RP. You powergamed me, multiple times, without ever attempting to RP the situation “Do your job” you were a security guard, not officer beepsky, when you see a geneticist with SA, TK, and who knows what else, a normal, sane, RP following person would usually say, “Hello, what are you doing here” To which the reply would be “I have a bunch of mutations that would likely be useful in fighting crime.” At which point the outcome could vary. But instead you essentially injected IRL hulk, said “criminal teleport” and brigged me for 5 minutes, while using unapproved arms, that have, as i have said, lethal potential. Whether or not it lethals is pointless, as it has above average potential to lethal someone, and you used it, against someone that was not fleeing or a present threat to anyone around you or yourself, nor was commiting any form of crime past trespass, which in and of itself is debatable, and your escalation was far from rational. Untill you come to grips with your own guilt, any further conversation is pointless.

Holy shit, you still havent read what I said, have you

as if you spoke to me before trying to validhunt me with mindreader lol

??? Last I checked, Paramedics dont have access to brig and bridge, but every other department. What makes brig so special for paramedics if they’re “no exception”.

My god I feel like I’m reading a college essay

Another officer caught and arrested the person making them. He gave one to me to use.

If NT wanted you to have mindreader, you would come stock with an injector

It’s almost like you don’t bother reading my responses, again. *sigh x3

It literally is. You admit this yourself by saying it’s a mutation thats “useful in fighting crime”

read my previous messages already, I’m tired of having to re-read the same argument I already responded to.


I was HOS that shift and you never once (to my knowledge) offered any mutations to me

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Considering I was sitting in brig for the better part of 25 minutes, and you didnt stop running around long enough to talk to for more then about 3 seconds, yeah, I mean, when you have people breaking spacelaw, and refuse to enforce it, why, from an RP perspective, would anyone offer you something, when you have criminals in your own department, and don’t reprimand them, dereliction of duty to watch me sit in a cell for 10+ minutes, if your department is that incompetent, why would I bother to offer, from an RP perspective, if the powers are just going to go to waste?

I see alot of poor arguements, you are failrping here bud. Validhunting at 30 minutes, sitting in the brig? Pretty headass to even think that. Also, it lets you see about 6 words they said recently, less than lingsorb. Not particularly “validhunting”

“Another officer arrested the person making them and gave them to me”

Did you ask RD, CMO, HOS, or most importantly, Cap, before you started using ramshackle teleportation…what would have happend if you teled me in to armory, and I was a traitor. What would your recourse have been if you gave someone TOO much access. You have no control over the item, it should be something of last resort, or atleast more thought out. Besides, thats a complete lie, you teleprodded me 3 times, not once. So get your shit together bud, its getting annoying to hear lies out of your mouth constantly, especially as you are misdirecting with grammar and spelling errors, I actually have a side to my argument, while you are sitting here trying to say that RPing a spacecop using implements that are completely foreign to you, assaulting scientists that have found something that they want to talk to the HoS about, while you, as a spacecop, have about 1% probability of guessing my end location after the teleport. Armory, could have happend, space, could have happend, random cell, could have happend. But you didnt know, and thats the problem here. You can just point at the next guy and say “Another officer caught and arrested the person making them. He gave one to me to use.” Thats not how RP works, you were breaking RP, which is argueable worse than breaking spacelaw. How is anyone supposed to take Sec serious, when people like you use weak ass excuses to pull teleprods out and meme. Now if you would just say you were bored, that would be fine, it was funny, but when you want to through the spacelaw book at someone, and make up your own rules as you run, then expect to be ignored for fail rp, thats kinda fucking rude, ngl. You either LRP, like you were, and then expect LRP from others, or you can develop the ability to think more than “blue coat brainperson on bridge, must teleprod”

“If NT wanted you to have mindreader, you would come stock with an injector”
This is just failrp and you are trying to pass it off as some rule. Science is for discovery and novel applications, Sec is for protecting NT assets and making sure things run smoothly. From an RP perspective, you completely failed, and are STILL not apologetic for it. Meanwhile, science is designed to find things, build things that can be useful, then try to distribute it. However, when you have LRP goons running around claiming validhunt and murderbone on every possible tool or gadget a science lab can create, with the attempt to RP being around a value of nil, somewhat creates an unpleasant atmosphere. But, when you are a LRP player, it doesnt matter does it?

Let me pull something else out, do you remember when you sat outside my cell salt farming for around 8 minutes? I am sure you do. Breaking spacelaw you were, dereliction of duty, should have been put in to a cell for that, if not demoted from your post, so someone of competence could have been installed, that would actually look for hazards and crimes, not sit around doing the wardens job for him while he is sitting next to you. But that is just a theory…

not sure what garry’s mod-type server you came here from, but ‘failrp’ isnt a thing. It’s almost like. You. didnt. read. my. responses?

At this point, I feel like you’re trying to just banbait people, just from how you talk and act in game.

Lying in a grief patrol is bannable

Should we also demote SSD people for deriliction of duty? I wasnt even assigned to a post. I watched you for about a minute to see if you were gonna try to break out, went to locker room to SSD because I went to get water irl, came back, passed by the warden and a few officers sitting in chairs, and left to go answer a call for sec to the bar.

At this point, I’m just gonna ignore every time you say “but what if I teleported to x” because I’ve answered this, and told you I’ve answered this, in almost every single comment I’ve made this thread.

SSD is, noncommand, not an issue. However, when you are choosing to actively not do your job, when nothing prevents you from doing otherwise, yes, it is punishable.

Lying, interesting that you would use that term, when I had all the resources to do what I said I would do, and had all the motivation to do it, considering I ran all the way to genetics to SEC, and asked AI for door. Meanwhile, you are accusing me of lying, to what end? Just to do it?

Failrp isnt a thing That is just wrong, you can murderbone, you can validhunt, both of which are forms of failrp.

What job did I have to do lol, I had no post and no one called for sec. When someone did call for sec, to go to the bar, I responded.

There’s intercoms at the front of the department for you to speak to the department comms without having to enter. You entering was both trespassing and made it even less likely for Security to respond to you.

Thats not failrp, thats murderbone

that’s not failrp, that’s validhunting

this argument is so circular. You both did some wrong, just move on