Johnny Cash - Warden acting in the extreme for little reason

Byond Account: Cynerak

Character Name(s): Spink Sparkle (Observer)

Discord Name: Cynerak#5128

Round ID: 21846

Griefer Byond account: Jerry007

Griefer IC name: Johnny Bash

What happened: I loaded into a shift as observer (1 hour in). I watched as Iikka Guiomar did some syndi stuff then was swiftly arrested under suspicion of syndicate. They gave no resistence. Upon arriving in security they were beaten, and were shoved into a deep fryer (by the warden). Johnny at this time is assuming he is a heretic. Then after a search finds a paper bag with a syndicate sign on it. Iikka says you can just draw on them to do that. Johnny, as he is thinking stuns Iikka and starts strangling Iikka. Johnny then says “Say we got special treatment for sydines like you” Then proceeds to take him to the firing range and shoot Iikka point blank in the head with a makarov pistol. After killing Iikka he takes the body towards perma, dawns a modsuit and drags the body into space. Where Johnny then throws Iikka’s body out into space.

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Oh as I was finishing this I watched him return to the cells. Grab an “Unknown (Lego)” prisoner in one of the cells and proceed to dunk the person’s head in the deep fryer a few times then bludgeon him to death with his stun baton. I’ve been reading through what part of the logs I have and I can’t see any communication telling the warden “Hey this guy is a confirmed syndicate” or anything along those lines. He seemed to operate completely rogue from command. I could be wrong but it just seemed very off.

this has been handled by Bones. praise be thy name.