Joining staff FAQ

What are mentors expected to do?
Answer mhelps they get in-game as well as questions in #ask-mentors on Discord and follow server rules, RP expectations, and the staff guidelines. That’s it.

Do you have to get on and mentor a certain number of hours a week? Do you have to get on at certain times?
Nope! Mentors are expected to log in to the server at least once a month, but they don’t have a set schedule for being online or any requirements beyond that. It’s very casual.

Are you able to play the round while you’re mentoring?
Yup! However, mentors do have access to meta-information (like antags asking for help), and they are expected to ignore any information they gain through mhelps.

What are the requirements for being a mentor?
At minimum, have 100 living hours in-game, be able to mentor for at least 1 department, be 18 years old, and be verified (and active) on our Discord for at least a month.

What do you consider when you look at mentor apps?
The first thing we do when we consider a new mentor app is check the player’s in-game notes. We want mentors to serve as role models for the other players, so we expect them to have a relatively clean track record, and we need to be able to trust that they won’t abuse the mhelp system. We sometimes check your chat history in Discord and ask other staff members if they’ve had any experiences with you that they’d like to share.

I’ve been noted (or banned) for rule infractions. Does that mean I can never be a mentor?
Nope! In fact, most mentors (and mods) have received warnings before. We understand that not everyone is going to be perfect all the time (especially as a new player) and that people’s understanding of the rules ideally gets better over time. We take the severity, frequency, the how recent your note history is (compared to your play time) when we look over notes.

Can I be a mentor even if I’m not 18?
While we’ve accepted minors in the past, we are no longer accepting any mentors who are under 18 and will not make exceptions to this rule.

I don’t know anyone else on staff. Will this hurt my chances of being accepted?
Nope! While you should be active in the community, not being friends with current staff isn’t going to hurt you. Having a lot of +1s on an app does little to determine whether it’s accepted.

Why do you care if we’re active on the Discord?
We want to make sure mentors share our values in regards to creating an inclusive environment free from racism, sexism, homo/transphobia, etc. and can conduct themselves in a relatively calm, mature way that fosters our beginner-friendly atmosphere. Also, our Discord has slightly different rules than the server, so you’ll need to be familiar with both.

Is it okay if I don’t want to be a mod or change my mind later about wanting to be a mod?
That’s totally fine.

What if I want to apply to be a moderator instead of mentor?
We require all junior moderators to spend at least a month as a mentor to show that they have a good understanding of the game, our rules, and our staff community. Only current mentors may apply to join the mod team.

If you have any other questions, feel free to post them below!