Josef nape ban apeal

Byond Account: josef_nape
Character Name(s): joseph nape
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Vestilad#0201
Round ID of Ban: 17719
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):Screenshot - 8408544bc585eb798cd40e70ebee7a8f - Gyazo
State your appeal: i wasnt metacomming i was antag and thought antag hop can give out aa. so i gave clown antag because haha funneh clown. and i saw the other guy. recognized the name and thought haha funny aa. i dont see why this is bannable where in the pass people ive meet before in the game trusted me and gave me aa

and was the other guy even banned? or was it just me

You literally have a watchlist for metagaming with that exact same person, and you just happened to give the same person AA again, coincidentally, after being previously banned for it.

yea we metacommed in the past. but we didnt this time. i saw him recognizxed the name and thought fuck it aa im antag

That’s… literally what metagaming is

many other people have done that to me. and i didnt know that was still metacomming. we call or talk irl i was ling so i gave 2 people aa i thought it was fine because i was antag. thats why i had 3 other aa cords is because i was gonna give out aa as ling

normaly antag hops can give out aa or im pretty sure they could

also i HAD 3 other cards to give out aa

You had your fair share of issues in the past so it’s quite hard to give the benefit of the doubt that it isn’t metagaming again.