Josie Clark's Mentor Application

Byond Account: HungerJames

Character Name(s): Josie Clark

Discord Name: HungerJames#9258

Age: 22

Timezone: EST

Active hours:

In the evenings, sometimes early in the morning during a low-pop round.

Are you interested in becoming a mod?:

Not right now, but down the line, I may be.

How long have you played on Fulpstation?

750 living hours. Been on Fulp since November 2021.

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?

I can mentor engineering, service, cargo, command, and medical. I have helped players in these departments and have a solid understanding of all their main game mechanics. I can also answer basic questions about science, security, and silicon.

  • In engi, I can help with a few custom (and safe) SME setups, how to build most anything on the station, tcomms, hfr, gas mixing, and metallic hydrogen.
  • For service, I can whip up most of the drinks and make food from almost anything left at my door by the crew or botany. I can clean the station with the best of them and make all the plants for the dna vault if I have enough time.
  • In cargo, I know who needs what and how to send crates through mules and disposals. I can get plenty of resources from mining, but I am not the best at soloing the harder megafauna.
  • I have played a lot of hop, I can help with continuity of command, getting the right shuttle for the right time, and what to do in case of war ops.
  • Then for medbay, I can get any body/brain with a spark of life back up and running and make any of the disease cures without blowing up. I can also make chem factories pretty compact and pure.

I have helped my fair share of intern players, aimlessly wandering around arrivals with a duffle bag. I assist them in controlling their bodies, getting to their workplace, and finding someone to show them the ropes if I am not in their department.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?

This server is a unique space where I have a hoot ‘n half. It is filled with some great people who really turn the station into an absolute pleasure. The #ask-menotor thread in Discord has been an incredible resource for me in learning the finer points of science in the Spinward Sector. I like helping people; I have enjoyed playing command because I get to do that a lot. I would love to help folks even more in this game by answering mentor helps!


active and clean history +1

You have > 700 hours and I don’t recognize your ckey. +1


This app is accepted! Welcome to the mentor team!

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