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**Byond Account:** juliusevolawasright
**Character Name(s):** i randomname usually but sometimes Jared Eli
**Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):** naw but catch me on Telegram
**Round ID of Ban:** 12393.
**Ban Message:** Ckey is a reference to Julius Evola, a fascist nazi sympathizer who referred to women as monkeys. 
State your appeal:

Admin PM from-[Horatio22]: Can you explain your ckey for me real quick? What was Julius Evola right about?
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PM to-Admins: his rejection of his contemporary Stirner’s ideas re:Ego – this and the dialetic he establishes, as part of this rejection, of sort of-Guenon magical realism and its connection to societal function. he laid out ideas that wouldn’t really be put to paper again until the late 60s, even early 90s (Society of The Spectacle and all of Derrida’s shit on hauntology, respectively). i think he lays them out in a much fucking better way too, hadn’t been poisoned by the school of analytic philosophy that develped in the 50s and transformed this sort of thinking into a foreign fucking language

Admin PM from-[Horatio22]: Well, a lot of his “rejections” have to do with stuff like womens’ rights and he was a fascist, supposed Nazi sympathyzer.

PM to-Admins: a 347 page thesis deconstructing & rejecting the life’s work of a fellow philosopher he moved in the same circles with, is not the same thing as him being a sexist in the 1920s. nor is it the same thing as him being a mentally unwell and by modern diagnosis, schizophrenic man, who was born & raised in Italy during the height of the fascist movement.

Admin PM from-[Horatio22]: he literally advocated against women’s rights and denounced being gay. That’s pretty sexist, and regardless of how his work was viewed at the time (the feminist movement was well underway in the 1960s and his work was obviously a response to that) advocating for him being “right” is really misogynist. Get better heros and a better ckey.

PM to-Admins: so that’s what i think Julius Evola was right about and you reading anything more into it other than I enjoy his scholarly writings that are still studied in Ivy League universities to this day for their breadth of scope and intense dedication to historical detail, then i’m offended

Admin PM from-[Horatio22]: ok be offended snowflake
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First point: “The feminist movement was well underway in the 1960s and his work was obviously a response to that”. Revolt Against the Modern World , his most well-read and influential work, was written in 1934 and rails against a memetic & capital-oriented schema that subjugates individual will (by mimicking individual will). It is also a spiritual text that speaks on the Kali Yuga of Hindu philosophy & various other at-the-time-obscure Eastern mythologies. It is grounded largely in the ideas of Carl Jung – in fact, I don’t think he’d have written it were he not so familiar with the dialectic language of Jung – whose ideas on the feminine identity re:the Apollonian/Dionysian divide are at the root of some of the greatest works in feminist philosophy (at least as far as academia goes). See, for example, Camille Paglia’s Sexual Personae.

Second point: Considering he spent the 60s writing about 1. Occultism & magic rituals and 2. A mutualist, insular, laissez-faire society that would by its nature reject individualism (to, again, drive a more magical individualism forth through a tribal spirit) and avoid all trappings of the outside world that might spurn forth a trend in history he refers to as a “superpogrom”. I do not know where you get this idea that he, an Italian man, had any commentary whatsoever on the strictly American & British feminist movement of the 60s. I don’t believe he’d think about it at all, considering his 1961 Ride The Tiger is a pseudo-accelerationist book entirely about ignoring the political climate surrounding you, instead focusing on living a virtuous life, knowing in your heart that if you are sincere & constant in your beliefs the world will change for the better. A man who in his later years decided to advocate complete apathy towards that the things he disliked; well, I don’t think he had any effect on those movements, really.

Third point: I thought this would be obvious but, since you thought that Julius Evola was really active at all during the 60s as a mentally ill 60+ year old man (he died in in the early 70s), I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt here, and I’ll lay out his life before we move to my fourth point. Evola was born in the late 1890s, I forget the exact year. He was raised in a country that to this day is extremely right wing across the board. When he reached adulthood, he attended an Italian university where he studied alongside academics that would actually join Mussolini’s cause some years later, and where he was completely immersed in what we can in retrospect see as the Italian proto-fascist movement (a seemingly inescapable academic movement that was happening, simultaneously, in Britain, Ukraine, a dozen Eastern European countries, Russia re: the Civil War, and yes, Germany). When he reached maturity proper, he witnessed the civil war in Catalonia… and right there in Milan with him were the Years of Lead – I don’t know what violence he might’ve particularly born witness to, but I know he was present for the bombing of a bank by anarcho-socialist terrorists that killed a dozen people and mauled near a hundred. His circumstances drove him to support of fascism, as they drove everyone in that country to support of fascism – he just had intelligent ideas about how he’d like his fascism to be handled. What’s important, though, is every other idea he had, ideas that you certainly don’t care about. His writings are still discussed & studied & referenced & written about in major philosophy departments to this day, though, so somebody cares.

Fourth point: Building off of the third point, I’d really like to engage in what’s perhaps a fallacious argument but one that needs to be made nevertheless. It is ironic to me that where Evola, born where he was, being a quiet sexist, but most certainly not approving of queer folk, is such a problem to you. You’re American, I imagine, no offense, so here are some names that didn’t have near the fucking excuse that Evola did: any president pre-1950 that wasn’t Teddy Roosevelt or FDR. Any average man along a bell curve pre-1900. Let’s get past the 50s. Martin Luther King Jr., a great man. Honestly, even past the 50s, if you want to talk about any major politician – “a hero”, you told me to get a new “hero”-- 's thoughts on LGBTQ rights, forget about it (outside of JFK, surprisingly did a lot of activism for gay rights while on the campaign trail). You’re focusing on this weird thing that could be said about literally fucking anybody back then – at least Evola stopped caring about it past the 50s, and he didn’t really write about it at all before then, either.

Fifth point: Evola’s a fascist. Counterpoint: In 1951, the Italian government put Evola on trial on a charge of attempting to revive fascism. Evola was acquitted, since he was never a member of any fascist party or movement, and his actual writings for the past 10-15 years had been largely critical of fascism. Obviously, this is a little insincere and obfuscatory on my part, but the point stands.

Sixth, and final, point: You clearly knew very little about who Evola was and his contributions to academia, shit, you didn’t even know when he was writing the stuff he’s actually known for – you were off by three decades. You Googled my username for some reason, despite me not having a single note on my account, despite my constant effort to consistently be friendly & courteous to members of this staff team, as I appreciate the work they do to keep the server running (and the rounds fun) even if I disagree with some minor gameplay rules. In summary: When you asked me to explain my ckey, curious as to what I think Evola’s right about, you did not care about my response and the ban was coming no matter what. I knew this from the beginning, of course, but it’s a boorish and frankly malicious game for you to play. Don’t dress up a petty maneuver with some half-hearted professionalism. I’d rather you have just wordlessly permabanned me.

If you are sincere in thinking I’ve got a deep love affair with Evola’s fascist maneuverings in the 1930s-40s, and that I hate the LGBTQ community, and that I’m a woman-hater, and not that I simply enjoy the work of an extremely esoteric & spiritual writer who, really, has more in common ideologically with far-left thinkers like Adorno & Foucault (my other “heroes”, since you used that term) than he’d like to admit… then, I’m sorry. A man is a man & a word is a word. You’re an adult and you know this, so why did I just have to spend six paragraphs explaining it to you?

I am twenty years old. I play maybe 1-2 rounds of Space Station 13 every couple nights after I get off work. There are other servers, and I don’t have all the time in the world anyway – so I’m not too stressed about being banned from Fulp. If this appeal goes through, great. If it doesn’t, oh well: I just hope I was able to convince you to be more earnest in how you view people.

Whatever justification you want to make for it, you can’t have a ckey that references a fascist Nazi sympathizer who advocated against women’s rights. Full stop. Make a new ckey.

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A quick google search claims they denied being a fascist, because they instead thought of themselves as a “superfascist” instead, and even if you dont think they were one;

  1. The fact you had to sit here and type paragraphs of text defending whether or not this person was a fascist already shows you the problem here
  2. Their writings are one of the driving forces that helped create Neo-fascism, no matter their intent.

Also, naming yourself ‘[name]wasright’ is already enough to know that they were not right. Ive never seen any ckey saying things like ‘FDRwasright’ or ‘Churchillwasright’, its always for some rightoid


Denied We are an ss13 server we arnt a political server and have rules about even rping as ones we would all like you to change your ckey and come back if you wish. This is just a ban for your ckey that is the only issue.

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