Just an annoying shitter,

Name - Twox Twixington
Byond name - Twox
Round ID - 10623
Griefer - Cole Danoos

Came into cargo to shove me twice, stealing both my megaphone and airlock painter.

Comes back to cause a general annoyance, eventually get the megaphone and him cuffed.

Comes back again with a sec ID and stun baton to start stunning us all.

Comes back again to stun me with a baton and then attempts to run of with my stamcritted body.

All this in a clown ops, blob and zombie crisis.

And they’re a mime

Heard from others that he’s a shitter too.


I can confirm that from an another round long ago, he broke into science as a miner by brute force, used a bluespace shelter to block science lobby, was very rude when confronted but still kept going on despite the warnings.

can confirm, I was a cargo tech doing a miasma farm that round and the mime was stealing stuff and shoving people, then he came with a stun baton and started stunning people randomly, later twox was screaming through tcomms that the mime was kidnapping him after leaving him on stamcrit

Sorted this, thanks for the report guys.