Just...the whole Security Department during Round 11837

Byond Account: Caledan
Character Name(s): Cale Johnson
Discord Name: Cale
Griefer Byond Account: Multiple People
Griefer Byond Name: Multiple People
Round: 11837
What happened: Was observing the shift, and after having seen the whole thing, this is really necessary that someone needs to look into what security was doing this shift:

-Multiple executions purely on assumption that someone might be a Changeling, they treated those by beating the bodies till one of them decapitated them. Captain wasn´t involved there given he lacked any awareness to even keep his own pet fox under control and rather accidentally deleted his ID in the ID console, they never had any permissions.
-Multiple accounts of blatant abuse of power in the form of officers and detectives alike assaulting and critting crew for slight crimes and at one point the HoS going as far as to state they should kill any suspected of treason or being a Changeling.
-I can´t emphasize this enough, Security this shift has caused more death among the crew than the Changelings during it could have hoped to achieve, they at evac weren´t as much defending the crew as they were assaulting them screaming everyones a enemy, one engineer was beaten into crit and tied to a chair to be left to die as the shuttle left.

If anyone else thats been in that round wants to add something, go ahead, but i really think SOMEONE needs to go through this because the levels of department incompetence aswell as HoS/Captain during that shift are something to behold.

I’m pretty certain that I was observing this round. I saw multiple officers murder based on suspicion, even seeing some say over comms “Kill if they’re suspected of being a ling” and stuff to that effect.

If I got the round correct, Pisas was the main one pushing this and acting upon it. I saw him shoot multiple innocent crew with a revolver based purely on suspicion.

Looked into this, thank you for the report!