Just your average grief patrol

  • Byond Account:stygoo
  • Character Name(s):Roscoe Sulyard
  • Discord Name:stygo#7454
  • Round ID:8957
  • Griefer Byond account:
  • Griefer Byond name:Guillermo Braun, Flunting
  • What happened: I was getting myself surgery after i got crushed by a vending machine, 2 therapists, come into the surgery room, start harrassing the doctor, after a while she leaves, she was probably uncomfortable. Now once she left, the 2 therapists started killing me with a scalpel and a surgical saw, they beat me to crit. I then was getting myself a new leg, since they cut that off, the therapist, guillermo walks in and starts talking about wanting cock in his mouth. I was then healed by the gods, but I have no idea if anything happened to them.
    I didn’t get a response to my ticket, and that’s probably because the moderators were busy, 120 players and only 2 mods. Then later in the round while I was arresting Flunting, some random roboticst rams me with a wheelchair, get this, into ANOTHER vending machine, and i get crushed yet again. At this point i gave up and just suicided. Worst round i’ve ever played on fulp so far. and it was a green shift.

TLDR:2 therapists self antagging and being pretty inappropriate on a greenshift, completely ruining my whole round

I actually handled this in game, not sure if you didn’t see it or not.