K4rl banned by operativelyn

Byond Account: K4rl
Character Name: Karl Sustan
Discord Name: Karl#3871
Round ID of Ban: 19180

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal:
ban date was approximately 8 months ago, in a VC I heard about this server called fulp and how they ban people over simple things like punching someone once, fell for their slanders, and decided to get on the server
I got on the server
and made a character (I think?)
became curator, then got the Scottish warrior kit and fully wore it
then I went to chapel, screamed “SCOTLAND FOREVER” and started to attack people in the chapel, approximately 2 minutes later I was banned for the reason, of grief account

My Appeal:
the grief I did was 8 months ago around the time when I first started playing ss13, a while after I had done this grief I realized that fulp was not a bad server at all from the youtube videos I watched, I kept feeling bad for doing this every time I remembered of this, and I finally decided to attempt to say sorry, and try to appeal my ban

I am sorry for my actions, I griefed and ruined people’s fun and feel terribly bad for it, I wish to be able to play on this server as I have never played on this server before, I have learned how to play ss13 correctly from other servers in the last 8 months and I hope to be able to play on fulp.

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