Kaedon142's job ban appeal

Byond Account:Kaedon142
Character Name(s):Sarah Tireman
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):Kaedon#7352
Round ID of Ban:22452

Ban Message: Banned from Roles: command, Captain, Head of Personnel, Chief Engineer, Quartermaster, Chief Medical Officer, Research Director, Head of Security, security, Warden, Detective, Security Officer for 1 week . Rules broken: command 1.1 after recently coming off of a sec ban for LRP behaviour. tried to get monkied round start as the HOS and was doing a cargo techs job instead of running security.
State your appeal: I have read the rules for 4 minutes,and I am ready to do my job fully and properly

Temporary bans are only appealed if the ban reason is factually incorrect. It is not, so the ban stays. Wait the week. This is denied.

Side note, of the many, many ban appeals I’ve looked over in the ~2 years I’ve been an admin, this is one of the most low-effort appeals I’ve seen. Congrats, I guess.