Keith alex gets autobalanced to winning team

Byond Account:
Character Name(s): Sylvia
Discord Name:
Round ID: 31569
Date: 1/04/24
Griefer IC name: keith alex
Griefer Byond account (if known): foxukraine

What happened:
foxukraine joined as hop (given acap) late into the round and after 5 minutes suicided
and then took a ghost role as holopara to help kill the only security officer; i know its him because he’s the only person on the server who refuses to use basic grammar
like what does this even mean

bro also apparently started griefing the shuttle

I will add that as a holoparasite, they were owned by a bloodsucker, whose vassal I was. On the shuttle, there was a clown car, the holoparasite told me to destroy it, so I did, not knowing it would explode (the other crewmembers warned me it would, but the holoparasite kept insisting, and since they were my master’s holoparasite, I trusted they had their best interests in mind). This happened before they started breaking the walls, as I understand.

This has been handled. Thanks for the report!