KhanGoji's Ban Appeal (revised)

Byond Account: KhanGoji
Character Name: Xailu Raptus
Discord Name: KⱧ₳₦₲ØJł#2673
Round ID of Ban: 21337

Ban Message:

Banned by host: You, or another user of this computer or connection (KhanGoji) is banned from playing here.
				The ban reason is: Round 21337 - likely a ban evasion account, using meta knowledge from past lives to target another player, appeal on the forums if this isnt the case
				This ban (BanID #31631) was applied by Sheets on 2022-07-22 21:24:22 during round ID 21337.
				This is a permanent ban.

State your appeal: I was just playing a normal round as traitor before I got murdered. After that I became someone’s stand (???); I honestly have no idea what it was called. But after that my “owner” died, I also became a ghost again. My client told me to reconnect and when I did, the ban message showed up. It might have to do with the network type I’m using (it’s a hotspot), but that wasn’t an issue in my earlier games on the server. As for the “ban evasion account”, this week was my first time playing SS13 and I just saw your server as beginner friendly. Not sure what that part of the message was about. The “using meta knowledge from past lives to target another player” part was pretty ridiculous to me. What meta knowledge? From past lives? I thought every new round randomized everything?! Again, I’m relatively new and don’t really know what context that is in; if you guys could better explain what this message means, feel free to tell me. Anyways, I hope this gets accepted as I’ve been enjoying your guys’ server, and I hope to log back on soon. Have a great day!

(P.S., sorry for deleting the previous version. Had to repost as the round wasn’t yet over.)

Me neither.
Meta knowledge from past lives is something like remembering who killed you when you take a spawner role or giving players info about your old character. Once your take a new body, you forget everything you learned about the round from previous roles.

Anyway, I’m accepting this appeal but please read through our rules on metagaming before connecting to the server again.