Khasters Mentor Application

Byond Account: Khasters
Character Name(s): Mercedes Bones, Mars.
Discord Name: Lemon
Age: 19
Timezone: CDT
Active hours: 9pm to 5am (Depends if I have work that day or not)
Are you interested in becoming a mod? Naw

"How long have you played on Fulpstation?"

“What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?”

Medbay is my most played department overall. I’ve been maining Medbay for around two years now (But I took long breaks playing ss13) and have seen it change a lot. I’m confident that I have become more competent since I started playing again in June, and know the current “state” of Medbay, including the new chemistry system.

The reason I could be a mentor for this department is not only because I believe I am competent enough, but also because I remember how stressful it was at first to play Medbay as a department. I’ve quit playing ss13 multiple times because of how overwhelming and stressful it can get in Medbay, so I try really hard to help enforce when teaching newer players in-game that no one is judging them and that it takes time to get the hang of it. The worst feeling overall is when you’re healing someone and you feel like someone is cursing you for not being competent enough.

It’s definitely one of the harder departments because of how overwhelming it can get versus other departments like Service or Science. With Medbay, you have a much bigger responsibility like reviving dead patients and making cures for viruses, whereas with Science and Service you can create your own fun. Medbay creates a challenging, stressful, and fun environment especially when the other players are experienced enough. However, this is also why it can be discouraging as a department for newer players.

Another department I could mentor for is Service. Service is a great department for newer players to get into because it teaches them about the game’s mechanics and gives them fundamentals that help when going into other departments, like Bartending with Chemistry. Learning the mechanics is also very challenging in its own right, so I could help new players with that as well.

One of the first days I started playing again this year, I played as a chef and taught someone who was new to the game how to play and the essentials to playing as a chef. I got bwoinked at the end of that shift which scared the shit out of me because I haven’t heard it before while playing myself, but it was just a mod thanking me for teaching someone.

Since then I’ve been teaching people on and off while also learning things by watching others. There’s definitely neat little tricks that aren’t as obvious to others, like hugging someone to increase body temperature, or realigning a dislocation without a bonesetter, (that I didn’t know a couple months ago) and whenever I get the chance I share this knowledge as well. I really enjoy teaching people, and I’d like to have better opportunities to do so.

"What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?"

Fulp is probably the nicest community I’ve seen on ss13, and I’m really grateful for the friends I’ve made on the server. Most people I’ve met are really kind. Back when I first started playing I didn’t really feel like I belonged because I was new, but I feel like Fulp does a great job at making newer players feel comfortable and welcomed. I also really love the custom content the community makes, and always look forward to see what they come up with next.

Thank you for your time and consideration!


Medbay gang
Knows medicine
Knows chemistry
Rushes synthflesh
Kinda fat, but that’s okay (just kidding)
Always helps me out when I ask for it
Has saved my life when I was a rotten husk more than once


One of the best doctors. Taught me what a bonesetter does. +1.

Very nice, makes medbay more fun for everyone in the department. Is very helpful and patient with people who are learning, helped me immensely when I was still learning, and is a better MD than me.


I have no idea who this is +1


+1 a kind doctor, and has a cute character

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She lets me bully her

Also remember step 9, fatty

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Step 9: Your momma is fat

No u


What does this mean

Medbay main +1


Haven’t been on the server in 3 months due to my internet i just have a gut feeling they’ll be good +1

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I want to see the MD main mentors fight for superiority +1


Circ saw at the ready, let’s throw hands

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Uhm I got my Baldium beaker and syringe gun with Initropidril ready. WATCH OUT!

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dude u cant comment twice thats against the rules


You already did though?

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i dont see them much in game but they have already gained my support by drawing my character i love it and will give them a +1

Accepted! Welcome to the mentor team!