Kidnapping and Extortion: Contracting Guide


Whether you want to fill some time in between stealing plasma and slime extracts, or looking for that extra edge for your hijack, contracting fills all your traitorous needs.


The Core Kit:
Before we commit the crime, we need to familiarize ourselves with what goodies that funny red box comes with.

Your bread and butter. This 16 brute/85 stam damage beat’em stick will save your ass and make you rich, what’s not to love? It even stuns borgs! Use it in hand to extend it, and slap it on your belt, or pocket it when its compact.

This unique looking tablet is how you’ll accept contracts, deliver the clients, buy special perks, tell you where your delivery point is, and accept your rewards. Once you activate it, its bound to you so nobody else can use it, even any reinforcements you purchase.

Pocket space suit:
The syndicate loves their contractors, even providing them with this unique space suit. Fits inside a box, and has robust armor stats, and a flash proof helmet! Hell the only thing this suit doesn’t have is full movement speed or a jetpack, but we’re sure a motivated traitor like you can figure that out.

Chameleon mask/jumpsuit:
Along with the unique goodies, contractors receive standard issue chameleon masks and jumpsuits. The mask comes with a voice charger, making you appear to be whatever ID you’re currently wearing. However be warned our non-human agents, it cannot hide your unique… methodsss of ssspeaking.

Agent ID:
No ID? No problem! Standard issue Agent ID can store several access slots skimmed from other IDs, and can be changed to be whomever and whatever job you could want! Excellent for maintaining cover, or adding some personal flair to your side work.


Along with your standard issue equipment, we here at Syndicate command like a little improv. So we throw some surplus equipment in there with it, you’ll never know WHAT you’ll get, but it’ll always be 3 of the following with no duplicate, much better than that awful gacha thats getting so popular…

X4 bag:
A duffel bag that doesn’t slow you down with 3 X4 charges, be cautious of the blowback! Breaks Rwalls in one go.

Throwing box:
A goodie box full of everything you need to pretend that you’re a Spider Clan agent. Bolas knock down on hit, eat your heart out ninjas! (Please note that the Syndicate has a strictly transactional relationship with the Spider Clan, and to antagonize them at your own folly)

Dart gun:
Syringe gun that fits in your pocket, comes with one syringe and no reagents. Deadly quiet to boot! Invaluable in the right hands.

Edagger :
This unassuming pen flicks into a sharp energy knife, useful as a last resort or to just have a sharp object on hand. Can embed when thrown, for those blessed by the gods of luck.

Sleepy pen:
Another unassuming pen that can hold 45u of whatever reagent you want, perfect for more covert client pickups. Initially comes with a knockout cocktail that mutes the target.

Emp light:
But officer, its JUST a flashlight! Not only can this light up your path, smacking someone with it acts like a personal EMP, disabling comms, draining any battery powered equipment, and all around making your life easier. Be careful to not emp yourself, as it does NOT play nice with chameleon equipment.

So you had a bad day. You’re taking one down. Take a Mulligan and out a smile on that fresh face! (Syndicate HR informs you that we are not responsible for any species, sex, or other aesthetic changes you may not like.)

No slip:
Stores a knife and prevents slips.
Does not work on lube. Not even we can match the power of the Honkmothers faithful.

Syndie med box:
Typically reserved for our nuclear strike teams, we had a few boxes left over. Comes with an autoinjector for emergencies, a combat defibrillator, and some healing patches. Dont forget that your paddles are offensive weapons!

Encryption key:
Listen in on security hunting you down, and coordinate with any other syndicate agents in your AO. Not all agents are friendly, consult your hiring agency for IFF details.

Thermal goggles:
At the cost of making flashes and welding hurt your precious eyeballs, these chameleon goggles allow you to see thermal signatures through walls! Excellent for scouting, hiding, and being stylish.

Slime sentience potion (wow):
Whats better than a friend? One that is slaved to you! Find a funny fish or flex your xenobiology prowess and give life to some awful creature.

Implant radio:
Like the encryption key, but inside your head! You can turn it off to prevent nosy people from getting in your face and listening in.

Implant uplink:
At worst gives you new discounted items, and at best can break you out of perma. Don’t forget to put some TC into it!

Combat gloves plus:
How has Nanotrasen not figured out micro insulation yet? No matter, these gloves are thin enough to shoot with while providing complete insulation. Comes with microcomputers that give you a profound understanding of the Krav Maga martial art while worn.

Donk C20:
Donk Co sales of their Foam Force series has been lacking, so we bought some in bulk! This SMG shoots 3 round bursts of riot foam darts, and comes with one full magazine. Use a hacked autolathe to print out more ammo, or use the magazine on spend darts to collect them! A few bursts are enough to stamcrit anybody through armor protection.

Stim pen:
Become a god, for 5 minutes. You move faster and get stunned for less time, what’s not to love? Comes in a sleek one time use autoinjector. Keep away from detectives.

Implant freedom:
Always have a backup plan, this special implant will allow you a limited use ability to shimmy out of any restraints you may find yourself in. Only useful if security doesn’t shoot you dead!

Haunted 8ball:
Why do we give you this haunted 8ball? Fuck you, that’s why. The dead are fickle, spiteful, and usually incompetent. You’re better off throwing this cursed object out of an airlock.

Tablet Goodies:
You’ve done it! You delivered a client to us, and now on top of the cash and TC, you got some rep. Time to cash in your good boy points!

Your high value target die? Bridge captain surrounded by borgs? Just dont want to kidnap and mind drain some other dude on our payroll? We will kindly change up your remaining contracts and give you some more options. Not guaranteed to be easier marks, only different!

Take the effort out of stalking and tracking with our unique black pinpointer! If they have a soul and are on the same Zlevel as you, you’ll see em! Perfect for pesky shaft miners and sketched out crew members alike. Note: this is not a disguised item, so be careful when storing your “CONTRACTOR PINPOINTER” in public

Fulton extraction:
Requires a fair amount of work, and typically reserved for pesky miners, this is a standard Fulton extraction kit. Can drop off anywhere you plant it, but can only DELIVER people from outside the walls of the station. Rumors say there’s a skilled agent that uses it as an expedient getaway, but that can’t be true… can it?

Here at Syndicate HQ have dozens of part timers sick and tired of moving paperwork, so we’ll send you one! They bring some smokes, an agent ID, and a can do attitude. You have to supply them yourself. (Quality of part time agents is speculative, hire at your own risk)

The most expensive reward you can buy, we will personally randomware the energy grid in your AO, providing just enough chaos and shadow of darkness to do what you do so well. Timing is crucial for this to be effective.

Now that we’ve covered all the goodies, time for the brass tacks. Your contracts! You get 6 clients, with varying TC rewards that always total at least 30tc. Shows you who they are, what job they have, why we want them, and even where to drop them off! Fairly self explanatory.

Loot Goblin, the Way of Inventory Management:
Now that you have a box in a box with a box full of sketchy traitor gear, you should take a moment to organize yourself. Opening boxes not only makes noise, but takes time, meaning that bola you desperately needed might as well be in Space Russia. Use quick equip to your advantage, and keep like items together. Less used items can hide out in your internals box, but you want your baton on hand at all times. A little time spent at the start can make or break your entire run.


Blending in:
An incredibly useful skill is knowing how to blend in, and not look like a sketchy freak while doing so! Nothing sticks out more than a mismatched set of clothes and ID, so take a quick look at yourself and ask, “would I look twice at me, if I were security?” The chameleon mask ALWAYS hides your face, ear slot, and eye slot even if its disguised as a cigarette. Use that to your advantage, but don’t forget that you’ll be “unknown” without an ID on, a dead giveaway that you’re up to something. Plus you cant eat with the mask on! Stay energized away from prying eyes.
For those among us with unique looks, never forget that record consoles show your picture! A dedicated sec can turn “red long hair” into your name very quickly. Even faster if you sport a tail, glow in the dark, or wear an environment protection suit.

Greeting the client:
Now that you have a bag full of contraband and a pocket full of miracles, its time to greet your first client! This is where you have the most options. Do you disguise as a coworker and ask them for some help, away from prying eyes? Do you say fuck it, and run up on them? Something… unique? The world is your oyster and you are only limited by your imagination.

Making the delivery:
There are some common features of any successful kidnapping.
Restraints! Cable cuffs, zip ties, handcuffs, anything to keep your client from walking away.
A path! You need to get from point A to point B, having a good idea of what obstacles you have ahead of you and even better, removing those issues beforehand, is critical to a clean extraction. Bolting open airlocks, false walls, blowing a hole to the room, all options are valid.
Witnesses! Dropping off in a high profile area? You can wait for a lull, weld some firelocks to delay a response, or for the daring (and properly protected) use a flashbang or other Area of Effect tool! Every validhunter is gangster until the contractor starts chucking grenades.

MentorPM: Where is Port Aft Hallway?
Map knowledge is critical, but even if its your first shift on Selene, or never been to the icy hell of IceBox, finding your delivery point is made easy. Unfortunately your tablet only details where your drop off is with a tracker AFTER you accept the contract, but knowing the difference between Customs Office, Customs, and Departures Lounge can save you a lot of backtracking, and even your own ass.


Going Loud:
Whether by choice or by necessity, you’ve opted to abandon any facade of a disguise and are going loud. Good for you! Since you’re expecting violence, prepare accordingly. Armor, eye protection, and a bowman are a must! Going toe to toe with Nanotrasen’s finest is no small order and once they deploy lethal force all bets are off. Investing in a Makarov, martial arts, or another lethal tool can help even the odds, at the risk of increasing bloodthirst to avenge the poor sods you killed.


Getting robusted:
To live by the esword is to accept that you will die by the esword. Sometimes things dont go your way. Bad timing, shit luck, or even the dredded space lag can call your ticket. Luckily, you’re a valuable asset as a traitor and NT SOP dictates that you (usually) can be taken to brig alive! Rejoice, you’re down but not out. That freedom or uplink implant go from angle cases to the saving grace you needed. Even if you’re caught dead to rights, follow the tried and true methods of agents past. “Admit nothing. Deny everything. Make counter-accusations.” A silver tongue can cut through security better than any esword, depending on the situation. Anything less than stellar communication on securitys end is just more leverage to use. Even just turning an execution into permanent incarceration or a one way trip to lavaland is a huge win for you. Bide your time, wait for a more serious threat to distract them, or if you’re able, robust the first redshirt that checks up on you. You’re only dead when you’re body-less, after all! The point being, anything can happen and you need every chance you can get in those cold cells.


Pesky Pitfalls, Validhunters and You:
Chaplains with lethal weapons, curators with whips, shaft miners full of mining magic, and your typical greyshirt with a stunprod are only some of the usual suspects looking to hand your bloody corpse to security like a good little doggy. Seeing these threats and playing around, or outright removing them, is vital to ensuring a clean getaway. Short on time, or just dont want to kill? A baton smack lets you break line of sight and get the hell outta there. But for any dedicated pest, you need sufficient pest removal. Shoot them dead, slice em up, or anything inbetween to let them know you’re no easy valid. Running to maints is a solid idea here, even if you’re going away from your destination. Its thin hallways, lack of cameras or crew, and access restriction allow you to remove them from the equation with considerably less risk to you. But of course, if you’re already a loud contractor, killing them where they stand can be a lesson to bystanding would be heroes. Or further reason to attack you.


Doing your actual job:
Variety is the spice of life, and this is no exception. Showing face and doing your normal job not only provides you with an alibi, but let’s you powergame to your hearts content. In medical? Make a few mute toxin patches for those routy clients. Grab a bluespace body bag if its there, hell syringe guns are FREE. You can just take them! Engineer? Your skillchip alone makes your life easy, and tcomms access lets you set up a ten second comms blackout anytime you want! In service? Bear traps and soap have done in many redshirt. Science? Well… surely a big brain like you can manage to cook something up to help. Even the lowly assistant can use their niche on the station to their advantage.

Last Minute Tips:

Being chased with a target in hand? Aggro grab and throw them! Nobody can fend off an entire crewmate being thrown at them, and the knockdown can easily turn the tides of a fight, or provide you a chance to escape. After all, this is only side work and you DO have a primary job to do.

Incriminating someone else is a fantastic way to get security to run around in circles. Mask up as another crewmember, wear their uniform, and make sure they’re either the same species as you, or you hide those traits! Most security won’t callouts your full racial, but some will. Or will recognize the discrepancy. Even a few minutes of heat off you is valuable.

Improvised weapons are your friends. Bolas, bluespace crystal prods, and more all fit in your bag and can slow or outright stop any annoyance in your way.

While you may be wanting to rush the extract, remember your agent ID can skim access! Picking up an engineers or paramedic comes with the bonus of rummaging through their belongings, and PDA. Some extra avenues of escape, or even just protolathe access has obvious benefits.


Nice, very detailed. I just wanna say every time I run contractor nowadays my first buy is always an ebow since you can down a target at range then run up to them and baton then theyre stamcrit ez. Also for going loud if you get the x4 bag always make sure you wear it since it has no slowdown and a fuckton of bag space, you can also use that x4 to hit the armoury and steal some riot gear so you cant get shoved by bystanders.

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Lies and slander. This is the best syndicate item you can receive.


Wow so robust…omg


its me :slight_smile: i see me

spin inverter + bluespace bodybag my beloved :heart:

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